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17 Aug

Smart Meters For Businesses – The Benefits


With a government goal to have all energy suppliers install a smart meter into the properties of both domestic and business energy customers by 2025, smart meters aren’t just a benefit but will soon be a necessity. Smart meters are a great piece of tech that allows you to monitor and track your energy usage. This can be incredibly useful in helping keep your energy prices low.

As energy costs in the UK are soaring and more and more businesses are seeking ways to keep their energy bills low, a smart meter for your business could be the ideal solution.

Receive more accurate business energy bills

As a smart meter reads your meter in real-time, it can provide the most accurate readings ensuring your bills are as accurate as can be. This means your energy bills will not be estimated or a figure is assumed based on last month/year’s usage. Instead, you can be sure you are not being overcharged.

See your energy usage in real-time

With a handy digital display, you can use this to view your usage, your daily spending, and more. Allowing you to easily access all the data you would need to review your business’s energy usage. With a smart meter display, you will no longer have to log on to your online customer account or contact your energy supplier directly for data information.

Move towards a smart future

Opting for a smart meter for your business energy will also allow you to modernise your business operations, taking you towards a smart future. With this, you can also access a greater range of tariffs that will often be much cheaper too!

Automatic meter readings

With the smart meter doing all the work for you, you will also no longer have to think about submitting your meter readings. Saving you some valuable time.

Smart meters for business energy from D-ENERGi

If you are an incredibly energy-conscious business, or you’re simply looking for ways to save your company money, the benefits of an energy meter are undeniable.

Helping so many of our business energy customers save on their energy bills already, why not make the switch today?

At D-ENERGi we supply two different types of energy smart meters to our business energy customers. These are the latest generation of both SMETS2 and AMR meters. The type your company will require will depend on the size of your business. Both types offer automatic meter reading, accurate billing, and consumption data, and all at no additional cost to you to install.

Simply get in touch with our team to discuss your switch to a smart meter and to arrange a time that suits you for installation.

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