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2 Sep

Is Switching To Renewable Energy An Option For Businesses?


As the government continues to consider means to curb the increasing energy prices, customers around the country will be reviewing solutions for managing their energy usage and keeping bills low. Many small businesses, without support, face the risk of closure as they struggle to cope with their rising bills. As businesses are not protected by the price cap introduced by Ofgem, there is little support or solution from the government. Considering the solutions for reducing energy costs, is now the time for businesses to consider renewable energy?

Reducing dependence on fossil fuels

Witnessing the invasion of Ukraine from Russia at the beginning of the year, we may not have initially predicted the impact this was to have on the price of fossil fuels. Within just a matter of days, however, the cost of oil rose considerably. A wake-up call to every nation, our reliance on fossil fuels puts us at risk. With the market now suffering, as a result, our dependence on fossil fuels must be reconsidered. Not only to avoid the volatility of this market but to move towards a greener energy market, whereby we make the transition to renewable energy. This would be both beneficial for our economy and our goals for achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Is switching to renewable energy possible?

As the UK has set out policies to decarbonise all sectors of the UK economy and to achieve a net zero target by 2050, electricity must become renewable. According to recent statistics from the year 2020, renewable energy sources made up more than 43% of the UK’s total electricity generation. So, although we are on the right track, work is still required. The positive trend does indicate that switching to renewables completely is 100% possible.

The benefits of switching to renewable energy for businesses

For businesses, making the switch to renewable energy offers the potential option for reducing energy costs and can even improve the reputation of the brand. The benefits of making this switch include:

  • Stable energy prices
  • Will reduce your company’s emissions
  • Improves your brand’s reputation with consumers, particularly those looking to commit to companies that are conscious of the environment
  • Exemption from the Climate Change Levy, is a tax designed by the government to reduce carbon emissions among businesses.

For those businesses that can not generate their own renewable energy (particularly smaller businesses that do not have the funding), switching to a green energy tariff is the second best option.

It is important to do your research and recognise when a company is truly offering 100% renewable energy. Plus, in the current economic climate, it makes sense to switch to a green energy deal that will actually save you money.

At D-ENERGi, all our electricity supplied from D-ENERGi Trading is sourced from UK based wind farms. Supplying 100% UK wind power. To get a quote from us today, simply get in touch.

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