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22 Jan

How Taking Your Company Car Fleet Electric Will Impact Your Bottom Line


There can’t be a business out there that doesn’t want to achieve more by spending less. Being energy efficient is crucial to how most companies operate – but you might not have thought about how energy efficient your company car fleet is.

Why are electric cars so popular?

The world is changing, as more and more individuals (and businesses) are starting to think about the impact they are having on the environment, and the need to make their environmental footprint as small as possible. One way of doing this is switching from a conventional fleet of vehicles to electric vehicles –  after all, they not only offer your business a way to help the planet and improve your reputation – but you could also make significant cost savings as well.

What are the advantages associated with having electric cars as company cars?

There are numerous advantages for your company of having electric company cars, and these include:

  • Less cost over the lifetime of the vehicle – huge cost savings on fuel + less or no road tax to pay = a much healthier bottom line
  • Savings on Ultra Low Emission Zone and congestion charges – if your business is located in London

And the savings don’t stop there, your employees will also be happy driving electric cars as:

  • They can claim 4p per mile when driving the company car on the business
  • Charging up their electric vehicle at work is also exempt from tax
  • They will access significant road tax savings

How much does it cost to run an electric car?

All business owners need to know is that it is far cheaper for them to run a fleet of electric vehicles than it is standard vehicles – on both fuel costs and tax. You will also benefit from lower maintenance costs as well – as there will be no need for oil or air filter changes, or new fans, head gaskets, spark plugs, or timing belts. This is due to the fact that the battery is one working unit, as opposed to the dozen different working units you get in a normal combustion engine.

What other costs do we need to think about?

If you are moving over to a fleet of electric vehicles, you will probably want to think about installing charging points in your business’s car park. However, there is a Government grant available at the moment which is offering businesses money towards up to 20 charging points.

Having electric charging points on-site can also help your reputation, as potential clients and suppliers can see your green credentials – as well as enticing them to stay longer on your site while they charge their car!

At D-ENERGi, we are passionate about saving businesses money. This is why we offer an EV charging solution and an off-peak and GoElectric tariff. Please get in touch to find out more.

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