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21 Mar

Energy Efficient Steps To Prepare Your Business For Warmer Temperatures


Now that Spring is officially here, we’re anticipating at least some sunnier days on the horizon. And while much of your energy costs will be higher in winter, it is always a good idea to plan for the next few months ahead and take the necessary steps to prepare your business for any changes that may occur due to a shift in the season and the weather.


The importance of energy efficiency in summer

With the push for greener business practices throughout the UK by the government and environmentalists, energy efficiency can be practised year round. With several practices being especially applicable during the summer months. This summer, keep your carbon emissions low and continue on your journey to net zero emissions with our top tips and best practices.


Assess current energy usage

Leaving the winter months behind and awaiting the warmth of summer, the next few months provide the ideal opportunity to review and evaluate your current energy usage. Looking for ways to cut your energy costs and identify areas of your business that require improvement.


The importance of understanding your current energy consumption

Staying in the know and being on top of your business energy bills provides you with greater insight into what you are paying and why. Leaving the high consuming energy periods of autumn and winter in the past, you should take a look over your most recent energy bills and assess where and when you have spent the most money and why. Perhaps there was a peak in your energy consumption during a particular month or you have debt with your supplier that you will now need to settle.


Tips on how to conduct an energy audit for your business

One of the best ways to understand how your business uses energy is to conduct an energy audit. We recently wrote an article explaining in detail what an energy audit is and the best way to conduct one. This article can be found here. However here are some simple tips on conducting an energy audit for your business:


  • Understand Your Energy Bills
  • Assess Building Systems and Equipment
  • Use Energy Monitoring Tools
  • Conduct a Building Envelope Assessment
  • Review Operating Schedules


Highlighting the benefits of identifying areas for improvement

Finding areas of your business that are consuming high levels of energy or require improvements offers you the perfect place to start to ensure your business is ready for the summer months and is adhering to your new energy audit recommendations by the time winter inevitably arrives once more.

This first step is the perfect stepping stone to provide you with the information you need to ensure your business is running efficiently and saving on energy costs this summer.


Upgrade to energy-efficient equipment

For those areas of improvements highlighted in your business energy audit, you should consider upgrading your equipment, machinery and business tools to energy efficient alternatives where possible.

While this may be a big investment for your business, there is support available from the UK government and tax incentives that may make such changes to your business more affordable. We suggest that you search the GOV.UK site for more information about schemes, relief and taxes for the support of businesses going green.

An area to focus on during summer in particular would be your HVAC system. Providing cool air in summer and during warm days, the HVAC system should be well maintained and monitored to ensure it is running smoothly and is not consuming excessive amounts of energy.


Implement smart energy management practices

Much like the winter months it’s just as important to implement and encourage proper smart energy management practices within your business. From the top to the bottom, every member of your team should be aware of the business’ goals for cutting carbon emissions and the areas in which they should be applying energy efficient practices.

From keeping the working environment at a consistent temperature, especially on hot summer days, to turning off lights and reducing the use of energy draining equipment.

Those in charge of the maintenance of equipment should certainly have particular systems serviced before summer. Including air conditioning units, refrigeration systems and water pumps.


Harness renewable energy sources

Summer may be the perfect time for you to switch to renewable energy sources. Allowing you time to adjust to this change and cover the cost of any investment before winter rolls around.

From solar panels to accessing wind energy and geothermal systems, there’s several options for a variety of businesses in different industries. Offering excellent cost savings and the chance to improve the energy efficiency of your business. Plus, such a decision may allow you access to relief from certain green taxes implemented by the government.


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