The Energy Bill Relief Scheme

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure our prospective and existing customers and clarify the following on the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS):

  • The Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) applies to fixed contracts agreed on or after 1st December 2021 as well as to deemed, variable and flexible tariffs and contracts. It will apply to energy usage from 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023, running for an initial six-month period for all non domestic energy users..
  • All energy suppliers will apply the same discount. This discount will automatically appear on your statements. Customers do not need to apply for the scheme or contact us.
  • The BEIS department recommends all customers continue to enter into fixed price agreements as normal to shield businesses from future wholesale price increases. This way we can ensure all our customers are protected from the volatility in the current wholesale market.
  • For customers who qualify for the Energy Bill Relief Scheme we kindly ask all qualifying customers to provide us with monthly gas and / or electricity meter reads until end of the scheme. This should be done ideally on the first day of the month or no later than the 10th.This will be a great help to get your bills as accurate as possible and ensure we apply the right discount throughout the scheme period.

For the latest information on the Energy Bill Scheme please visit www.gov.uk/guidance click here

Making it easy to Compare Business Energy Suppliers

If you are a business or organisation trying to find the cheapest business electricity and gas deals then you’ll need to compare business energy suppliers to find the best offers.

However, you’ve probably found that this is easier said than done when all you are trying to do is minimise your bills.

In addition, with so many suppliers offering different services and perks, it’s also worth spending time to find out what else your business supplier has to offer. While many firms will stick with the ‘big six’ energy suppliers because they are household names, there are some excellent opportunities to have cheaper energy supplies and better services from another energy supplier.

Essentially, the expert team at D-Energi will strive to find an energy supplier that will meet your specific needs. We have helped a wide range of firms and organisations, including:

  • Care homes
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • And many more!

We can help your business or organisation too!

Searching the energy market for new Business Gas Suppliers

For example, if lowering your costs is the main reason for searching the energy market for new business gas suppliers and also for electricity, then we can help you compare business energy prices to find the cheapest offer.

Some firms and organisations may prefer to opt for a longer energy supply contract, or switch to a supplier with a better customer service record or more convenient payment methods. We can help with all of your ambitions.

To do this, our money saving team of experts will understand your requirements and then find a deal that will deliver the lowest bill and we will also arrange for the switchover between suppliers so you save time as well.

So, whether you run offices, a shop, school or even a surgery it is important that the lights remain on and the power supply is uninterrupted; this will be part of our guarantee to you.

All businesses will be needing an electricity supply for their everyday needs but all businesses will have different requirements and expectations. Also, business energy demand is different from the needs we have at home.

It’s also important to understand that while companies will be spending more on their electricity and gas bills, it does not mean they need to be paying excessively for what are necessary utilities.

Switching Business Electricity Suppliers

There’s no doubt that by utilising the expertise from D-Energi that the potential energy savings a business could make by switching business electricity suppliers, whether their firm is large or small, could be significant. This could stretch from several hundred pounds for a micro-business, for example, every year to several thousands of pounds to larger operations.

With overheads increasing for a business, it’s important that the organisation gets value for money and they will need to understand that the deal they will have is the best one for meeting their needs.

It should also be highlighted that the amount of money businesses can save will depend largely on their own needs and how energy efficient they are; they could reduce their energy overheads even further by reducing the amount of energy they use.

There are potential new energy suppliers that can help a business reduce their energy usage so that their bills are reduced still further. They will offer the expertise of an energy consultant to analyse what the firm is using their energy on, for instance.

This process to find a cheaper business energy supplier will only take a few minutes and can be carried out on the phone and the switchover process is a seamless transaction as well.

Compare Energy Prices between Suppliers

It’s also important that firms compare energy prices between suppliers so that they understand what the current market rates are and will know a good deal when it is offered to them.

While many organisations will be tempted to use an online comparison website for business energy supply it’s important to appreciate that the website may not be searching the entire market and, as a consequence, may not have access to the latest and best deals.

For this reason, it will pay to speak with the experts who understand the business energy supply market and have a track record in delivering substantial savings for clients; D-Energi are the team to trust.

It’s also a big plus that the team can take care of the switchover process on behalf of you and your business so there will be no headaches to deal with and the paperwork is taken care of.

However, don’t just take our word for the fact we have access to the latest and best deals – why not read the testimonials from happy clients who have made the switch to lower prices and decide yourself which is the best route to take.

The main aim of D-Energi is to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction which means understanding a firm’s energy needs in delivering a deal that will meet these effectively and in a cost-effective way.

You may be contemplating using D-Energi and these are the reasons why you should do so:

  • Quickly compare prices between potential commercial energy suppliers
  • Save time and money by having our team of experts do this for you
  • Avoid expensive rates from your current energy supplier by switching for lower prices
  • Deal with an organisation that enjoys positive reviews from satisfied clients
  • Get all this and more with one simple phone call.

If you would like to know just how easy it is to compare business energy suppliers and save money with lower overheads so that profitability is increased, it’s time now to contact the helpful team at D-Energi.  





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