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Find Cheap Business Gas and Electric Supplier UK

Find Cheap Business Gas and Electric Supplier UK

Why firms need to look closely at their commercial energy supply

Firms and organisations of all shapes and sizes can reduce how much they pay for energy by simply finding a cheap business gas and electric supplier.

But is it as easy as it sounds? The answer is yes and the government is encouraging more firms to switch energy suppliers in a bid to boost competition and help lower prices.

The main point to appreciate is that all firms and organisations will have a unique need for their energy which help to explain why the energy supply contracts can vary so much between businesses, particularly those who have high energy consumption rates.

Though, even small enterprises will be able to save substantial amounts by shopping around and switching to a new energy supplier. The amount that can be saved will vary from hundreds to thousands of pounds every year depending on the size of the business.

So, if you and your firm looking for a cheap business gas supplier as well as for electricity, then this helpful guide will explain what you need to do.

Who are the best business energy suppliers?

Essentially, the range of available business energy suppliers is wide and varied with deals and offers to meet most firm’s needs. There are the usual ‘big six’, the biggest energy suppliers in the UK and names we have all heard of, but there’s no straight answer to the question of ‘Who are the best business energy suppliers?’.

Indeed, while the ‘big six’ also dominate the supply of energy for our homes does not mean they are either the best or the cheapest. In many cases, they will be neither.

When it comes to finding new business energy suppliers, then the smaller organisations will have the best deals so if you are interested in new business electricity suppliers then you should be reassured that the market is regulated so the energy supply firms will have a business plan and commitment to remain in business and supply premises.

In addition, the same also applies for business gas suppliers and any organisation looking to switch should not simply opt for one of the ‘big six’ suppliers in the belief that the smaller suppliers may go bust; there is a framework in place to ensure customers do not lose supply of electricity and gas under any circumstances.

With so many commercial energy suppliers in the market means firms looking for a new supply should not focus on who their supplier is but on how they can help you minimise your energy bills.

In addition, many of the smaller suppliers will offer various perks including access to an energy consultant.

The bottom line is that the D-Energi team can help you find a new energy supplier that will better meet your needs and the price you will like.

How to compare business energy suppliers

For those firms looking to compare business energy suppliers then there are two effective ways of doing so.

The first is to carry out the research for yourself which can be time-consuming and you will need to understand how the energy market works. An effective way of sourcing a new supplier for energy supplies is to visit an online comparison site.

While this is a quick way of working out what the current market rates are and whether there are better deals available, the online websites tend not to search the entire market so you may be missing out on cheaper and better deals from other potential suppliers.

Also, you will find that having found a quote you like on the website, you will still need to speak with the energy supplier directly because they will need to furnish you with a bespoke offering.

The second, and possibly most effective way, of sourcing a new business energy supplier is to speak with experts who understand how the market works and who also have access to all of the deals and offers. This means contacting D-Energi with your needs and within a few minutes they will be able to find a great deal.

It’s also possible that you may decide to remain with their your current supplier or indeed switch to one of the ‘big six’ suppliers because you have heard of them or believe that this size will guarantee supply. It needs to be appreciated that small suppliers in the UK’s business energy market will also deliver.


What is P272?

During the process of researching the market for a potential new business energy supplier, you may come across the term ‘P272’ and wondering what it means.

This is a term that refers to legislation that has seen the introduction of smart energy meters for larger business energy users. Most small firms will not need to switch to the new P272 or half hourly meters just yet.

The new meters deliver accurate bills because a meter reading is sent to the supplier every 30 minutes so there’s no more need for estimated bills. The government is looking to introduce smart meters for business premises over the next few years so all firms will get accurate bills as a result.

One of the upsides to having a P272 meter installed is that the data from it can be used to source another business energy supply since the new supplier will know when your peak periods of usage are then tailor a specific quote.

It’s important to ensure a firm is not paying more than they need to for their energy so must regularly carry out a search of the entire business energy marketplace to find the best deals and tariffs.

Thanks to D-Energi this can be done in just a few minutes on the telephone which makes business energy comparisons easier than it’s ever been before.

Understanding your commercial energy quote

When it comes to understanding your commercial energy quote, you will need to appreciate that there are specific features and costs which need to be understood.

Unit rates

The first point is to understand what unit rates are. These are your contract unit rates for the amount of energy your business is consuming which is measured as kWh. It makes sense that the unit rate should be as low as possible when switching energy suppliers.

Indeed, it this unit rate that is the biggest difference when looking at new business energy quotes and it is affected by various things including your geographical location and how much energy you use as well as your business circumstances.

Standing charge

The other issue for a new energy contract is to understand the standing charge. This is the amount that is paid daily for the supplier to cover their expenses to maintain and repair the facilities for supplying energy to your business.

Fixed contract

When it comes to understanding the energy quote being offered by a potential new supplier, it’s important to understand that a fixed contract will enable you to pay for your gas and electricity needs over specific period of time. This can range from between one year to four years.

The benefits of switching to a fixed energy supply contract is this will enable you to predict your cash flow more easily during the contract’s term.

The fixed contract will also help protect you from the price fluctuations in the energy market though your bill will vary depending on how much energy is being used.

Flexible or variable contract

The alternative is to opt for a flexible or variable contract which enables you to alter the rate being paid for your energy but the price will vary depending on the fluctuations prices in the wholesale market.

While a flexible contract will deliver more control of your energy bill, it also delivers better price transparency. The downside is that you will need to manage your energy bill though you will also benefit when prices improve.

Deemed rates contract

Another potential issue is that if your firm has never switched suppliers before, then you may be on a deemed rates contract.

These are often on a 28-day rolling contract so you will still need to give one month’s notice before switching. If you are on a deemed contract then you will, in all probability, save money immediately by switching to a better priced contract.

Some firms may also find they are on a 28 day contract since they have never switched suppliers since deregulation and, as with deemed contracts, they will find they are probably paying more than they need to for their energy needs.

Interruptible contracts

It’s also worth mentioning for those high energy users thinking of switching that they have the option of interruptible contracts. This will see their supply being cut off temporarily during periods of peak demand by the National Grid.

The big plus for an interruptible energy contract is that they are much cheaper than a standard contract though the energy supply can be unpredictable which could have a big impact on conducting your business.

Cooling off period for business energy contracts

Before leaving the subject of understanding your commercial energy quote, we should also highlight that there is no cooling off period for business energy contracts.

That’s not the same for our domestic contract where we get to enjoy a period of time to cancel the contract without facing a financial penalty. For businesses there is no cooling off period because the contract itself is tailored to a firm’s specific needs which means that you are less likely to change your mind after accepting a new energy deal.

Therefore, before accepting a new business supply energy contract, you should understand what the new contract means, how much it will cost and what the terms and conditions are.

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Does your firm need an energy consultancy?

The question of whether an energy consultancy will be required may be raised by a new supplier or energy broker. Most of the big firms may not offer this but smaller energy suppliers are focused on delivering better levels of customer service and other extras such as offering energy consultancy.

The best thing about an energy consultancy is that an expert will look at your energy use to find a better and more effective energy deal.

The consultant will also be able to look at your current bills to determine whether you have been overcharged or have been on the wrong tariff. The consultant can also use their experience for the cheaper supply of electricity, gas and also water, which firms in England and Scotland can now have supplied independently.

But this isn’t all that a consultant will do; they will also help drive down bills by introducing energy-saving measures so that the long-term savings will be much improved.

The use of energy consultants for a firm

There’s a lot to recommend the use of energy consultants for a firm and with D-Energi these experts can be supplied and help you save an impressive amount on your energy bills. The D-Energi team will have more details about the consultancy services that may be available.

Some firms may believe that they need to hire an energy manager to ensure that their energy use is minimised while their environmental credentials are boosted. However, the job will add to the firm’s wage bill without any clear idea of whether they will save their employer money.

There’s no doubt that every firm, regardless of their size, will benefit from the input an energy consultant can bring with information to lower energy use.

The energy consultant

It may be that the energy consultant recommends the introduction of different power sources, such as wind and solar power generation, and they may also offer advice to help lower peak time usage and switching some processes and activities to other times with lower prices.

As hinted at previously, some firms that are looking to boost their environmental credentials by reducing their carbon emissions to benefit our environment and health. For many firms, their caring for the environment is an important aspect of doing business with big firms and some government agencies.

It’s also important that the involvement of an energy consultant with your firm is an ongoing process so that over the long-term the savings and lower levels of energy usage will have a real and effective impact.

Can your firm save more by using less energy?

In sourcing a new energy contract and supplier, you can also save even more by boosting the levels of energy efficiency and reducing how much gas and electricity you use. As mentioned in the previous section, an energy consultant will bring their expertise and experience to your firm to help lower bills and find cheaper suppliers.

Most of the recommendations listed below are the real improvements that will reduce electricity consumption, for example:

•     Improve your firm’s use of efficient lighting to reduce bills

•     Replace bulbs with compact fluorescent lighting – outdoors and indoors

•     Compact fluorescent lighting lasts more than 10 times longer than bulbs

•     Use timers to restrict outdoor lights for night time use only

•     Introduce switches and timers for indoor lights

•     Air conditioning can account for 30% of bills so reduce usage.

There are other tips that can be carried out whether at work or a home, including turning off unnecessary lights and switching off computers and printers when you leave the workplace.

It’s also possible to replace equipment with new energy-efficient versions which will help reduce usage and bills. While this may be expensive initially, the cost savings over the long-term will make this a worthwhile strategy to pursue.

Firms could help lower energy usage

Also, some firms could help lower energy usage by introducing flexible working for their staff and even encouraging some to work from home occasionally.

An energy consultant may also point to the impact of having your firm’s energy delivered by suppliers committed to using renewable energy which will help lower bills and boost your firm’s environmental credentials at the same time.

It’s also important that while there are energy consultants available who will charge a fee for their time and experience, many business energy suppliers will also offer the same service for free. The D-Energi team will have more help and advice on this issue.

Switch Energy

How to switch energy suppliers

For all firms and organisations looking to switch energy suppliers then there are a number of issues they need to appreciate; the first is that they cannot break a contract mid-term and the second point is that the process is seamless.

Before a current contract comes to an end, your current supplier should contact you with details of a new deal which you will need to reject or accept. Failure to do either means you could be moved to a more expensive deemed contract.

So, the best way of avoiding this situation is to know when your current contract comes to an end and then spend a little time sourcing your next business energy deal by comparing various quotes from suppliers and then arranging for a bespoke offer.

Should you find a deal you like from a new supplier, then tell your current supplier and the switchover process will take effect immediately when the current contract comes to an end.

Process to finding a new energy supplier

Essentially, the process to finding a new energy supplier can be broken down as follows:

•     Switchover window: compare the price from your current supplier with potential new suppliers

•     Tell your current supplier you are leaving

•     That’s it.

However, if you’re looking to switch suppliers after your contract has come to an end and you’ve been moved over onto a deemed or rollover contract, then you will still need to give a month’s notice to switch suppliers.

Those firms who do not like their current energy supply contract, whether it is more expensive than they like or they simply do not get on with their supplier, then getting out of the contract could be a problem.

That’s because the contract’s terms and conditions will specify when the contract can be terminated and firms looking to do so early may have to pay a hefty penalty fee.

Finally, before leaving the subject of switching energy suppliers we need to highlight that firms contacting a potential new energy supplier need to be very careful about accepting an offer. This means a verbal agreement over the telephone will be accepted and you may find your new energy supplier will take over regardless of whether you signed the contract or not.

The information you will need for switching suppliers

To make the process of sourcing a new business energy supplier and then switching easier, you will need to have some basic information available.

For example, this will include your company’s address and postcode and when your current energy contract comes to an end. Remember, you cannot switch energy suppliers without paying a penalty before your current contract comes to an end.

You will also need to provide your meter numbers, both for electricity and gas, and these can be found on a previous energy bill as well as on the meters themselves.

It would also help to have your consumption figures in kWh and these are also contained on recent energy bils.

Essentially, that’s all a potential new supplier needs as they have your address but also the meter number confirms the location of the distribution network. The consumption figure is necessary for a bespoke offering to be prepared.

When your current supplier sends a renewal letter

It’s also worth bearing in mind that when your current supplier sends a renewal letter, the prices being quoted are generally higher than you will find on the open market.

As with most business transactions, you should never really accept the first terms being offered and the renewal letter should be seen as an opening to negotiations since your current supplier may be keen to retain you as a customer and offer competitive prices should you ask for them.

This is also the ideal opportunity for those firms looking to boost their green energy credentials to look at other sources of renewable energy supplies including solar and wind. There are firms offering these energy contracts and often at reasonable rates.

Review the market regularly and switch energy suppliers

Another important reason why all firms and organisations should review the market regularly and switch energy suppliers is that the wholesale market trend is for energy prices to push further upwards.

This means those firms who do not switch will be paying far more than they need to while they could make impressive cost savings by switching.

It helps too that with growing competition in the marketplace, means there’s plenty of choice and, as we have mentioned previously, the final decision is not purely down to finding the cheapest business electricity and gas deals but also for the things a potential new supplier may offer.

In addition to improved levels of customer service and an energy consultancy, a new supplier may also offer different payment methods and longer contracts.

This level of offering means it’s also a good idea for firms to do some research before they contact D-Energi, or indeed any of the energy providers, with some appreciation of the perks they would like to receive. Obviously, enjoying lower energy rates is the first choice for firms but the opportunity for other energy services to reduce consumption will also lead to bigger savings and improved profits to enjoy.

Find Cheap Business Gas and Electric Supplier UK

Why D-Energi are the team for you and your business

There’s no doubt that the UK’s energy supply market for firms and organisations is a competitive one and for those who understand how it works and can source a wide range of quotes, then the potential savings can be huge.

Even small firms will be able to save hundreds of pounds every year from their energy costs while larger firms could make savings worth tens of thousands of pounds. Obviously, these big reductions in overheads means that the firm’s profitability will be boosted as a result.

But, as previously highlighted, for those who don’t understand the business energy supply market or have the time to research it, then it can appear to be overwhelming and confusing; this is where the expertise of D-Energi will really help.

The team has lots of experience in helping firms find a new commercial energy supplier and helping them with the switchover process.

In just a few minutes, D-Energi will take a few details and then searching the entire market to find the most suitable offering to meet your firm’s need and then deal with the transfer process to a new supplier. We have mentioned it before but it’s worth highlighting again that the transfer process is seamless and stress-free.

Whatever your needs are in sourcing cheaper and better commercial energy suppliers and switching to a new service, then D-Energi should be your first port of call.

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