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25 Oct

Your Guide to Switching Business Energy Suppliers


It’s that time of year when your new energy contract lands and you consider, once more, switching business energy suppliers to save money.

This guide will help explain why and there are two important reasons why you should check the energy supply market and they are:

  • You will be ensuring that you are not overpaying for your energy
  • By simply searching the marketplace you are encouraging suppliers to offer cheaper quotes.


However, not every firm will have the incentive to search but you should appreciate that you may be moved across to more expensive rates automatically if you fail to find a new supplier.

Business electricity suppliers for small business

The competition among business electricity suppliers for small business is intense and prices change on a regular basis, so it’s likely you will find a cheaper deal. But how do you go about doing that?

Quite simply, you could contact small business energy suppliers directly but it’s likely that you will not contact very many and you may even restrict your search to the ‘Big Six’ suppliers.

Not only is this method time-consuming, but it’s also confusing trying to compare the different offers and if you restrict your search the ‘Big Six’ then you may find their offers are fairly similar.

You could compare business electricity prices online by using a comparison site and this can prove useful because it’s a quick way to find out what the potential market rate is for your firm’s size and needs.

However, you will still need to discuss your requirements with the recommended supplier, but there could be even cheaper providers available.

Finding cheap business gas suppliers

This issue of finding cheaper suppliers also extends to finding cheap business gas suppliers and while you can use the comparison site for both of these utilities, you should check how many providers they are approaching with your details for a quote.

It’s unlikely to be the entire market and it may be just a restricted few so there are lots of other potential business gas and electricity suppliers that will not be approached and probably have cheaper deals and tariffs.

The only way to ensure you get the best deal possible is to search the market with a few details, including your meter point number and your consumption levels.

It’s from this information that the friendly experts at D-Energi can help you switch to cheaper business energy suppliers because they are capable of searching the whole market for you and then negotiating to ensure that the deal offered is the best one for meeting your needs.