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8 Nov

Your Guide to a Cheaper Business Energy Quote

by Simon Thompson

You and your business could reduce the cost of your overheads by finding a cheaper business energy quote for meeting your needs.

Essentially, you will be able to access a plan that will charge you less and you need to compare energy tariffs effectively to see which one really will help your business save on its energy costs.

And as a guide, the first step is to think about your cheap business energy needs from a potential supplier and then compare quotes from as many different providers as you possibly can.

You should only restrict your search for those suppliers who offer deals and tariffs for small and medium-size firms so you get the quotes based on your needs.

Compare a business electricity quote

This means that when you come to compare a business electricity quote between providers, you should understand the terminology being used and among the crucial terms are:

  • Fixed tariff: your electricity costs will remain the same throughout the contract length and usually offers the cheapest option.
  • Variable tariff: this is a flexible tariff, which sees the prices being paid varying to match the wholesale market moves. You could save if prices fall but there’s no guarantee this will happen.

Also, for those firms interested in their green credentials, you can access electricity comes from renewable sources so you will have eco-friendly energy – an increasingly important aspect of running a business today.

You may also find that your geographic location will mean some suppliers decline to quote but others will be more enthusiastic and this highlights that providers use different criteria when putting their tariffs together.

Searching for a business gas quote

As with electricity, when searching for a business gas quote from providers, you will need to understand the terminology mentioned previously, and also:

  • The unit price: this is the amount that you pay for every kilowatt-hour of gas or electricity used
  • The standing charge: a daily amount paid to the supplier for providing the service. This is not a fixed amount and can vary hugely between providers.

Finally, when it comes to asking providers to quote, you could approach them directly or use a business energy comparison website.

With the first route, this can be time-consuming and with the second option, you may find that the number of providers is restricted.

The best way to find a cheaper business energy quote for meeting your gas and electricity needs is to contact the experts at D-Energi who can search the entire market for you, negotiate with the provider and take care of the switchover process. Contact them today to find out more.