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22 Feb

Your Firm Can Save With An Energy Consultancy


It’s one thing switching energy providers to save money, but did you know your firm can save even more with an energy consultancy?

Not only that but by reducing energy consumption you will also be boosting your environmental credentials and helping our environment.

And while you could search the marketplace for a consultant, there are ways of accessing a free energy consultancy when you contact the D-Energi team to find out how you can reduce your firm’s energy bills.

The energy consultancy will offer a range of benefits including sorting out your energy tariffs plus, if you are eligible to switch water suppliers, making sure your water tariff is correct.

Using a consultant from an energy service company

Another big benefit when using a consultant from an energy service company is that they will also ensure that your firm or organisation is complying with various legislation and regulations, including standards such as ISO 50001, ESOS and P272.

The consultant should also work towards making your business carbon neutral and help you understand what your firm’s carbon footprint is and, more importantly, what can be achieved when reducing energy consumption.

Along with checking energy tariffs, the consultant will also ensure that your energy supplier’s invoices are correct and, if not, then holding your supplier accountable.

The energy consultant should also be able to undertake a water audit to help you reduce water consumption, which also benefits the environment.

Reducing the cost of your energy services

However, when reducing the cost of your energy services, a consultant will be able to benchmark your firm’s performance against businesses of a similar size in the same industry.

This could be useful experience to bring since they will highlight some immediate changes and enhancements to deliver real term savings quickly.

Essentially, the energy consultant will put your business back in control of the utilities it uses and pays for, and may even implement monitoring software so you can track how much energy is used more easily.

The consultant should also help you see the bigger picture and implement a plan to minimise costs and manage future water and energy bills more effectively.

If the potential of saving money with an energy consultancy sounds attractive to you, and if you want to switch business energy suppliers to save more, then you need to speak with the experts at D-Energi.