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19 Mar

Will A Business Energy Comparison Work for You?

by Simon Thompson

It may only take a few minutes but a business energy comparison may save you a substantial amount of money on overheads.

According to a government survey, around 40% of firms have never switched energy supplier so they are probably paying more than they need to for their energy use.

That’s a shame when the business gas and electricity supply market is a competitive one and there are excellent deals on offer to tempt firms to switch providers.

And since nearly every firm and organisation needs electricity to keep their lights on means they are missing out on substantial savings which could boost profitability.

Business electricity comparison between providers

So, how easy is it to make a business electricity comparison between providers? The answer is, very easily with various tools at your disposal.

The easiest way to find the cheapest and best deal for your firm’s needs is to speak with the friendly D-Energi team to see what offers they can access.

Alternatively, you could contact electricity providers directly to negotiate a deal with them but this can be a time-consuming exercise since the provider will need to offer a bespoke deal.

You could also use an online comparison site to find a cheaper deal but you will need to appreciate that you will need to speak with the supplier directly and may not end up with a deal similar to the initial quote – plus the site itself may not be searching the entire marketplace to find the best deals.

Undertake a business gas comparison exercise

There may also be a need to undertake a business gas comparison exercise between potential suppliers as well and the market works in a similar way to finding a new electricity provider.

There’s no doubt that the market for supplying energy to the UK’s business is a competitive one and there are great deals on offer with some suppliers offering the potential of signing up for up to five years. This may be a sound move for those firms wanting to predict their cash flow more effectively and pay the same rate for their energy needs.

However, the obvious downside to this is if energy prices fall over the coming years though many industry experts say that prices are likely to increase. Your firm could protect itself from the issue of rising energy overheads by signing up to a longer-term deal.

There are various options available to those firms and organisations looking to reduce overheads and find a new supplier, potentially one that offers other services such as a consultancy to help them use less energy and reduce their bills even further.


If you would like to know whether a business energy comparison will work for you then contact the experts at D-Energi who will be able to answer any questions and find a cheaper deal from a new provider in just a few minutes.