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28 Feb

Why Your Firm Will Benefit With An Energy Consultancy

by Simon Thompson

It may not appear to be an obvious way to reduce overheads but your firm may benefit from an energy consultancy.

But what is an energy consultancy and what are the benefits from this?

Regardless of the size of your business and where you are, all firms and organisations could benefit from the services of an energy consultant.

Essentially, they will be able to give business energy advice so you use less energy and enjoy much lower energy bills as a result.

Energy services from a business energy consultancy

However, it’s important to understand that the energy services from a business energy consultancy will be an independent and impartial offering.

They will help your organisation make the right decisions that will benefit your business and no one else.

One of the benefits will be to identify the patterns of your firm’s energy use as all firms have peaks and troughs which are reflected in your energy bills.

By analysing the data, the energy consultant will look at ways of addressing these peaks and troughs and whether there are better deals or tariffs to meet your needs; for example, this may mean switching work to a cheaper off-peak period.

Cost savings from undertaking an energy consultation

The cost savings from undertaking an energy consultation could be impressive and when coupled to a cheaper deal with a new utility supplier means that the annual savings could be substantial which means profitability will be improved as well.

It may be that they recommend a suitable energy alternative for your business needs, for example, solar power, and will help implement this strategy.

There’s no doubt that growing numbers of firms are looking at having green sources of energy and its possible to find a supplier who generates electricity from environmentally friendly sources such as solar and wind.

It’s also important that the energy consultant offers ongoing advice and their expertise could prove to be invaluable when it comes to renewing an energy deal with your current provider.

Indeed, the consultancy should be part of the annual exercise when looking at where there are cost savings to be made and how much can be saved when switching to a new business energy supplier.


If you would like to know why your firm will benefit with an energy consultancy and to see how much your firm could save by switching business energy suppliers, then contact the experts at D-Energi.