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15 Aug

Why Your Firm Needs To Understand P272 Legislation

by Simon Thompson

It may sound like an obscure piece of law but your firm will benefit if you understand P272 legislation and how it impacts on your energy costs.

That’s because some firms and organisations affected by the change, which occurred in April 2017, will have seen an impact on how their energy providers receive usage data to deliver accurate bills.

Indeed, there’s no need for estimated bills under 272 since a firm’s usage of energy is delivered every half-hour to the supplier. The meters used for this purpose are often referred to as HH meters.

One aim for the legislation was to help suppliers plan effectively for the generation and delivery of electricity to businesses and organisations and to also help organisations understand energy usage and to help access lower bills.

Use P272 to access cheaper energy bills

Since the data is monitored every 30 minutes this is a great source for a firm to analyse their energy usage and use P272 to access cheaper energy bills.

There are software packages available for this purpose and a potential new supplier will also use the information to see whether they can offer a lower rate for delivering electricity.

Also, a supplier can also see where your firm’s peak periods of use are and recommend switching to cheaper off-peak periods to deliver bigger savings.

All firms affected by the legislation should have been moved across to new meters, which are recognisable by having a 05-08 designation on the meter itself and on your energy bills.

Help your firm reduce electricity costs

It’s this potential of analysing how you use energy but it is really helpful for other potential energy suppliers to help your firm reduce electricity costs because they will see when you use energy and which tariff is most suitable.

For example, by contacting the experts at D-Energi it is possible to not only find a cheaper supplier but also check that your tariff is right for your needs.

It’s also possible to streamline your organisation’s energy costs by reducing consumption and an energy consultancy may also be offered by a potential new supplier.

This will deliver even greater savings as a result which could be substantial for many firms.

If you need to understand more about P272 legislation and how it impacts your firm or organisation, then it’s time to speak with the friendly team at D-Energi who can help source a new tariff to meet your energy needs and save on costs.