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7 Dec

Why Your Business Energy Quote Will Vary

by Simon Thompson

Not every business owner will have the time and inclination to scour the energy market, but for those who do may be surprised at just why their business energy quote will vary hugely between suppliers.

There are a number of reasons for this, including the size and location of your business and your energy needs.

For most firms and organisations, their energy costs are likely to be a significant overhead, so checking every year to ensure they are not paying more than is necessary for their needs is a crucial business tactic.

However, trying to compare the price of electricity and gas between potential suppliers is not always straightforward and you will also need to appreciate what your energy bills consist of.

Looking for a new business electricity quote

So, whether you are looking for a new business electricity quote because your current provider has been in touch with details of your next year’s contract, or if you’ve been moved across to a ‘deemed’ contract because you were late in switching providers, then you will need to act quickly.

The marketplace for supplying business electricity is a competitive one, and while you could contact suppliers directly there are comparison sites available as well.

However, you will need to understand what type of contract is being offered and appreciate the difference between unit rates and standing charges to negotiate a better deal.

Essentially, the unit rate is the amount you pay per unit of electricity while the standing charge is an amount charged every day for supplying electricity to your premises.

One tip here is that while a potential supplier may offer cheaper unit prices, their standing charge may be much more expensive, so you will not be making a saving.

Searching for a new business gas quote

This issue also extends to those who are searching for a new business gas quote and all firms will need to understand their business energy contract.

There are several options available for contracts, including those offering a fixed rate, so the price is agreed on the length of the contract, which could run for one year or have cheaper rates for signing up for two or three years.

Also, for those who are looking to use a comparison site, these will only get you so far but do give a good idea for benchmarking your firm’s potential energy costs.

However, the comparison site may not be searching the entire marketplace and you will still need to contact a supplier for a bespoke quote to get a price that will reflect the amount of energy you use.

For more help and advice about why your business energy quote will vary between providers, then you need to speak to the experts at D-Energi who not only understand how the market works but who have access to all the suppliers.