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13 Sep

Why You Should Consider Using An Energy Consultancy

by Simon Thompson

There are many sound reasons why you should consider using an energy consultancy but the most important one is that this is a great way to save on costs.

Indeed, a consultant will be able to boost profitability by reducing your energy bills.

Also, using an energy consultancy is a good idea if you’re too busy with the day-to-day activities of running your firm.

In addition, a consultancy will also be experts in sourcing and then helping a firm switch to a new energy supplier.

Looking for expertise in energy services

However, when looking for expertise in energy services it’s important that you select someone or an organisation that is independent.

This means there will be no conflict-of-interest and they will work tirelessly to find the lowest prices for your energy needs.

There’s no set time for using an energy consultant but it would be an ideal opportunity when your current energy supplier tells you that your contract is coming to an end and offers terms for a new contract.

Also, there may be a need to use the experience of an energy consultancy to help reduce energy usage in your business and this can be undertaken at any time.

Sourcing the cheapest possible business energy supplier

However, an energy consultancy isn’t just about sourcing the cheapest possible business energy supplier and reducing energy use but also looking at your current energy tariff.

The consultant will have the experience to recognise whether you are on the correct tariff and whether you are eligible for a refund if not.

Another good opportunity for using a consultancy is when the firm is looking to expand which means they will be increasing their need for energy; a consultant will be able to highlight the energy suppliers who will be best positioned to deliver the firm’s needs.

In addition, the consultant will also be able to examine the contract and future requirements to ensure that the firm’s needs are fully met.

It should also be appreciated that one of the positive reasons for using an energy consultancy is that they will be able to explain in a clear way what business needs to do about any aspect of the energy usage and contract.

While the final decision about potential energy suppliers is yours, it’s important that you have the best and most detailed information to hand to make a qualified decision.


For more help and information about why you should consider using an energy consultancy, speak with the experts at D-Energi.