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14 Jun

Why You Should Be Tracking Your Business Energy Usage


Keeping track of your energy usage is incredibly useful for helping you understand how much energy your business consumes over a period of time, explaining your energy bills, and providing an insight into how energy efficient your business truly is. 

For those who want to play closer attention to their energy usage, it doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. In fact, it’s rather simple.


Understanding what your energy bills mean

One of the ways you can understand how much energy you use in your business is to gain a better understanding of your energy bills. Whether these fall through the post box or ping as an alert on your phone, energy bills are easy to access and can quickly be explained. 

There are several pieces of information provided on a typical energy bill. This includes how much money you owe your energy provider but also details of how much energy you have used over a period of time. Typically this will be over the past 3 months (if sent quarterly). However, some energy providers can provide more regular bills, if necessary. 

Your usage will be explained using the meter readings or estimated meter readings your energy provider has access to. Providing regular meter readings will ensure your bill is precise and accurate, guaranteeing you are only paying for your actual energy usage. Understanding your usage from your energy bills will help you better acknowledge just how much your usage influences the prices you pay for electricity and gas. 

More on how to read an energy bill can be found here.


Tracking your energy usage with a smart meter 

Another method for tracking your usage is to install a smart meter for your business. Providing real-time details of your usage, giving you insight into how each running appliance or electrical good impacts your consumption is incredibly useful. Opting to have a smart meter installed allows you to pay much closer attention to your energy consumption and see just how much this is going to cost you. Plus, information from your smart meter will be supplied directly to your energy provider, making it easier to keep meter readings as accurate as possible.


Reduce your energy costs 

Keeping track of your energy usage is one of the most effective ways to manage the costs of your energy. Having a greater understanding of how much energy your business uses, gives insight into what is costing you the most and allows you to make proactive decisions in order to lower your consumption. Which, in turn, will help to reduce your bills.


Meet business goals and improve your sustainability

Tracking your business energy usage is the first step to improving your sustainability. By understanding where and how your energy is being used, you can identify areas where you can make changes to reduce your consumption. Which, as we mentioned above, can lead to lower energy bills, but also a smaller carbon footprint, and a more sustainable business overall.


Struggling to understand your energy usage?

If you are struggling to understand your energy usage and need your bills explained to you, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can decipher your energy bill for you, explaining your consumption, the cost of your energy, and provide advice on how to cut your energy usage.

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