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4 Sep

Why You Need To Understand P272 For Your Business

by Simon Thompson

All firms need to keep up with legislation which is why you will need to understand what P272 means for your business.

Essentially, P272, or as some may refer to it ‘maximum demand meter changes’, will affect many firms and organisations.

If you are not sure whether P272 will affect you, then look at the MPAN number on your meter; it’s a two-digit number in the tip top left-hand corner of the plate with the meter’s details.

This is the profile type and for those numbers that are 05, 06, 07 and 08 then you will be affected by P272 but your electricity supplier should have been in touch already.

That’s because your billing process has changed.

Positives of the P272 legislation

Indeed, one the positives of the P272 legislation is that bills are now accurate without the need for estimated bills for your business.

It also helps a supplier to monitor businesses that are high energy users more effectively.

That’s because they receive automated meter readings which record a firm’s consumption every 30 minutes – they are also known as HH or half hourly meters.

The reason for this change, says Ofgem the industry regulator, is that by recording usage every half-hour means costs and usage can be more easily reconciled.

Many small businesses, that is a firm with a meter profile of 03 or 04 will not be affected.

How your firm uses energy

Ofgem is also hoping that by having more information about how your firm uses energy means you could use periods of low cost and use energy more effectively.

To help with this process there are software packages available to help you analyse your firm’s energy usage so you can see where and when the peak times of usage are and then introduce measures to reduce usage to lower costs even further.

However, the important issue to appreciate about HH meters is that your supplier should already have moved you across to the new meters should your firm need to do so.

If the issue of P272 is confusing and you are looking for help and advice, there are energy consultants available to explain more and also help you source better prices and deals.


For more advice about P272 and to access better energy deals for your firm, contact the experts at D-Energi.