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8 Jun

Why You Need to Understand Half Hourly Electricity Prices

by Simon Thompson

While it may not have occurred to a business owner previously, there are good reasons why you should understand half hourly electricity prices.

If you are a big user of electricity then you will need to appreciate that your energy usage is being monitored and the data is sent to the provider every 30 minutes, hence the term half hour electricity – or HH.

This is because your meter will have been replaced in recent years for this sending of data to take place but there are lots of positives for all businesses and organisations to take advantage of the data.

Indeed, there are software packages available that will analyse the information to see where and when you are using electricity and whether it is possible to switch to a cheaper, off-peak rate.

Searching for new half hourly electricity suppliers

It may be that when searching for new half hourly electricity suppliers you will find one that offers a consultancy service.

An energy consultant will also look at the figures to see where savings can be made, or whether you could be on a better deal.

In addition, they may introduce ways of using less energy, for example, switching to new equipment that uses less energy but the overall aim is for your firm or organisation to use less electricity so your savings are not only enhanced but for the long term.

Not only will this help the reduction of your overheads but also help our environment because you’ll be using less electricity as a result.

Switching half-hourly electricity providers

There’s a lot to recommend switching half hourly electricity providers and a new supplier can also examine the data that your meter is supplying to ensure that the deal they offer is the one most suitable for your needs.

The best time to switch electricity providers is when your current supplier gets in touch to inform you of what your next year’s bills will cost. When this happens it opens a window of opportunity that you should take advantage of to search the marketplace.

So, while you could contact electricity providers directly or use an online comparison website there is an easy way to access a cheaper supplier and use the data that your firm has provided with your half hourly electricity meter.

That’s to contact the friendly D-Energi team who will help you understand half-hourly electricity prices and suppliers to lower your overheads and boost profitability.