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5 Jan

Why P272 Legislation Helps Your Business Save Money

by Simon Thompson

There are a number of reasons why the P272 legislation will help your business save money and the first is down to accurate billing.

Essentially, P272 refers to the advanced meters where your firm’s use of electricity is monitored and sent to the supplier every half hour. These meters are also known as HH or half hourly meters.

P272 only affects those meters with a profile class of 05, 06, 07 and also 08 so check the label on your meter to see whether the legislation affects you.

In addition to receiving an accurate bill, there are no more estimated bills for those affected by P272, and there’s also more data for a potential electricity supplier to use.

The biggest bonus under P272

This is possibly the biggest bonus under P272 to help firms reduce their bills because a potential supplier will see when your peak periods of demand are and offer a deal on these figures.

In addition, they may even offer a better deal if you’re consumption can be switched to an off-peak period of demand.

Essentially, P272 enables a supplier and a potential supplier to understand more accurately how your business is using electricity and whether any energy efficiency measures could be introduced.

By doing so, your energy bills will be reduced even further.

Another issue to bear in mind with P272 is that there is a potential cost for the relevant Distribution Network Operator (DNO) who will be able to offer an accurate charge for delivery energy.

Firms will have their P272 meter upgraded

Most firms will have their P272 meter upgraded already with no interruption to how their business operates and some may also have seen their bills increase.

If your firm has seen its electricity bills rise then it’s time to speak with the D-Energi team to see whether there are cheaper electricity suppliers for your business available.

The potential supplier will be able to use your P272 data to help them offer a more suitable tariff to best meet your needs.

Also, if your firm is on a fixed price energy plan then you probably haven’t seen any changes to your bills. You may notice a big difference when you’re energy plan is reviewed or renewed next time around.

At this point, you should contact D-Energi to see if this really is the best possible deal for your business.


For more help about how P272 legislation affects your business or organisation, then it is time to speak with the experts at D-Energi.