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24 Jul

Why Not Every Commercial Energy Quote is the Same

by Simon Thompson

While it may appear to be a simple process to lower overheads, it is important to understand why not every commercial energy quote is the same.

Since there are so many commercial energy suppliers in the UK, it makes sense that they all have different offerings, whether that is in the pricing structure or their levels of customer service.

However, all firms and organisations will be relying on their energy supply to work and should that supply come to a stop then that will have a big impact on their activities.

It’s essential that business owners focus on their business energy contract to ensure they are not paying more than they need to and get a quality service.

Understand commercial energy prices

So, while it’s important to understand commercial energy prices, it is also important not to simply remain with the same supplier because they will be, more than likely, automatically rolled over onto a contract where the charges are more expensive.

This means that when their current energy contract is due for renewal, the business owner should take this as a prompt to begin looking at other potential energy suppliers to find lower prices.

And while there are comparison websites available for businesses to check energy providers, there are some issues that need to be borne in mind.

Before using these sites, the business owner needs to appreciate that energy prices fluctuate on a daily basis because that’s the nature of the industry.

On top of this, the offerings from suppliers also change regularly and the online sites may not be checking the entire market so the business owner may be missing out on better deals and offers.

Source a commercial energy quote

Indeed, this issue will become apparent when they source a commercial energy quote from an energy comparison website because regardless of the great price being quoted, they will still need to contact the potential energy supplier for a bespoke offering.

The end result may be that their bespoke quote is nothing like the quote they were tempted with on the comparison website. This is not the fault of the site itself or indeed the supplier since the energy supplier has an obligation to quote for a firm’s specific needs and wants.

Alternatively, business owners could take time out by contacting various energy suppliers in the UK and, more than likely, they will tend to head to the ‘big six’ since they will have heard of the suppliers but are not likely to enjoy the best possible energy prices.


However, the most effective way of understanding why every commercial energy quote is not the same is to speak with the friendly team at D-Energi who have access to all of the latest deals and can explain more.