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17 Aug

Why is Now a Good Time to do a Business Energy Comparison?

by Simon Thompson

Research has shown that more and more businesses are choosing to switch energy suppliers than ever before, so why is now a good time to do a business energy comparison?

#1 Reap the benefits of new technology

It should go without saying that the best way for businesses to reduce their energy bill is by reducing their energy consumption. This has never been easier than it is now, with the development of new technology such as specialised software and hardware, and smart meters. For example, new energy monitoring software can help you to stay better informed about how your business is managing its energy consumption and help you to identify problem areas that you may want to avoid in the future.

#2 Get better customer service

Completing a business electricity comparison and switching supplier shouldn’t be all about unit rates, you should take customer service into account as well. If you have been suffering from issues such as incorrect billing, inaccurate direct debits, and poor service in general, then you may want to switch suppliers even if it means paying a higher unit rate. Make sure you take customer satisfaction scores and reviews into account when you are switching suppliers.

#3 Sustainability and being green

If you want to do your bit for the environment and improve your sustainability score then you can opt for a green electricity and gas business contract. You can dramatically reduce your business’s carbon footprint, improve your public image, and do your bit for the environment by switching suppliers to a green energy supplier. Green energy deals tend to be more expensive than traditional energy contracts but this can be balanced out by the tax relief you may qualify for by the reduction in your carbon footprint.

#4 A reduction in spending

Obviously, the main reason why most businesses look at doing an energy cost comparison is that they want to reduce their energy costs. Comparing the wide variety of quotes available on the market means that you could save hundreds of pounds on your business energy bill. Even if you would prefer to stay with your current supplier you may be able to re-negotiate your contract to take advantage of their latest offers – although the savings may be smaller than switching suppliers altogether.

If you are thinking of doing a business electricity or business gas comparison then please contact the D-ENERGi team today – we have been providing our services to commercial enterprises for over 19 years.