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19 May

Why An Energy Consultant Will Save A Firm Cash

by Simon Thompson

One great way for an organisation to boost their environmental credentials – and save cash – is to use less energy which is where the expertise of an energy consultancy comes to the fore.

This really is an effective method for most organisations because they are going to reduce their electricity bills by adopting new disciplines and practices and the advisor will help highlight changing energy suppliers for more affordable rates too.

As with energy providers, there is a wide choice of energy consultancies and most of them are offering similar services.

Nevertheless, it’s better to talk with specialists who understand the methods by which the energy marketplace works and they may also offer suggestions and guidance on the best way to reduce the quantity of energy being used to bring about lower bills.

It should also be recognised by organisations that energy consultancies will have the ability to provide more help and advice about other sources of energy supply for the company.

As an example, this might include wind power and solar electricity together with LPG gas supply and biomass boilers.

The energy services advisor must have the expertise

The procedure for lowering bills is straight forward but the energy services advisor must have the expertise and experience to seek out more affordable energy providers in the market so the company will make big savings on their energy costs.

It is an easy method to enhance profitability and quick too.

On top of finding cheaper energy prices, the savings can be reduced further by lowering energy use for longer term gains for the company to enjoy.

Undoubtedly, most companies will find the process of using an energy consultant rewarding – and they may even reassure the company that their energy efficiencies are effective.

Finding cheaper suppliers and better ways of using energy

In addition to finding cheaper suppliers and better ways of using energy, the energy advisor should also look carefully at the firm’s energy supply invoices as well as the tariffs the company is on.

Moreover, some energy providers’ invoices aren’t the simplest of documents to understand and an energy advisor should be experienced to see whether there are errors being made.

Some of these errors may be proving costly to the organisation of they aren’t correct.


If saving money on energy bills and enjoying the work of an energy consultancy appeals, then contact the specialists at D-Energi who will help to deliver the efficiencies and savings an organisation is looking for.