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12 May

Why All Firms Should Compare Business Energy Suppliers

by Simon Thompson

There is a simple solution for any company looking to lower their energy costs and that is to compare business energy suppliers so they spend less on bills.

The savings could be significant so it makes sense for a company to either have someone who is dedicated to locating the perfect business energy deal when the firm comes to renew their contract or they can employ specialists who can analyse the whole marketplace and find the supplier offering the best prices.

However, for those following the first strategy of having someone responsible will result in them quickly appreciating that the energy marketplace for businesses is a competitive one.

Indeed, the firm will also need to know extra details that may help secure a cheaper energy deal and that is to know when their peak periods are and how much the currently pay.

Steps to compare business gas and electricity prices

There are many organisation who do not know how much they currently pay for their energy needs and have, if they haven’t switched supplier in recent years, probably been moved to a dearer contract – this means the firm should take steps to compare business gas and electricity prices quickly.

Firms will also need to appreciate they cannot access duel fuel deals and will, when using an energy price comparison website, and will need to speak with a potential supplier to discuss prices and terms.

That’s because a company will need to have their energy deal tailor-made to their requirements and one plus of using a comparison website is that the firm will have an idea of market prices and will be in a better bargaining position as a result.

Compare business electricity and gas suppliers

In addition, many big users of energy have now switched to using half-hourly metering so it’s easier to compare business electricity and gas suppliers because there is more detailed information to hand.

They will also receive more accurate meter readings and their business energy provider will learn precisely when and what the company’s energy needs are.

It is not simply a question of comparing business electricity providers since a company can save significant sums by looking to compare business gas providers also.

Some company owners could be put off by the search for a better business energy deal and believe this could be a time-consuming and complex procedure which is why it makes sense to make use of specialists to help locate the most effective available deal.


This will mean speaking the team at D-Energi who have the knowledge to help deliver an effective and rewarding way to compare business energy suppliers.