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15 Jun

What You Need to Know For A Business Energy Comparison

by Simon Thompson

If your firm is looking to undertake a business energy comparison exercise, for example, you may have had a hefty price increase from your current provider, then this article will help.

The first step is to have various pieces of information available for a potential new provider including your meter number, your address and previous bills so you can see how much you are paying per unit of energy.

This helps to make the energy comparison easier because you’ll need to understand whether you will be paying more or less per kilowatt hour (kWh) from a new provider and to also understand whether the standing charge will rise or fall.

This last point is important because a new provider may offer much cheaper kilowatt hour prices but increase their standing charge so you may not be making any savings or, even worse, be paying more under a new energy contract.

Undertake a business electricity comparison

This exercise to undertake a business electricity comparison should be done every year because it’s an effective way of lowering overheads and boosting profitability.

Though a government survey has highlighted that 40% of firms haven’t done this or switched their energy provider so they will, more than likely, be paying over the odds for their energy needs because their provider will have rolled them onto ‘deemed’ rates contract which tends to cost more.

That’s unfortunate when in just a few minutes, should you be contacting the D-Energi team, they could find a cheaper electricity provider and have someone take care of the switchover process.

Also, you could take the time to contact potential electricity providers directly or use an online comparison site to find a cheap deal but you will still need to negotiate with that provider because that deal must be a bespoke offering.

Carry out business gas comparison exercise

In addition to switching electricity providers, firms should also carry out a business gas comparison exercise whenever their current provider tells them what their next year’s contract rates are going to be.

Again, there are substantial savings to be made when switching gas suppliers and if you use the D-Energi service you may also find cheaper prices but also a firm offering other incentives including an energy consultancy which will help you use less gas over the long-term so your savings will be much greater.

This consultancy can also extend to using less electricity and water so there could be huge savings to be made on an annual basis.

If you and your business would like more information about how to go about undertaking a business energy comparison and to use the expertise of the D-Energi team, then contact us today.