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2 Feb

Welcome to the D-ENERGi Blog

by denergi admin


The D-ENERGi blog is a source of up to date news about the energy market and industry as well as advice on how changes may affect you such as rising energy costs and changes in legislation. This blog will also act as a forum where questions can be posed and answered, where you will find helpful tips on how to save money on your energy bills and various ways that you can do your bit to help the environment.

With an increasing awareness of climate change consumers are making a greater effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether this is by washing clothes at 300C or installing solar panels on their roof it demonstrates an understanding of the energy industry that wasn’t present just a few years ago and we want to reflect that here.

We will endeavour to produce impartial news that will be both informative and beneficial and we hope you enjoy it.


The D-ENERGi Team

As a company we have ten years experience in the energy industry, from gas and electricity to the expansion in renewable energy solutions.

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