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17 Feb

Use an Energy Consultancy and Save Money

by Simon Thompson

With the potential to save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on their fuel bills, it makes sense for a business to use an energy consultancy to find the best fuel deal.

However, not all energy consultancies are the same and businesses should be wary of looking for the cheapest service since there’s more to reducing a firm’s energy needs and delivering the cheapest possible tariffs.

It is crucial that the consultants have a positive impact on a business’s bottom line and will include more than delivering a cheaper business energy supplier – there’s more to their service than that.

Energy consultancy offering energy services

However, the first step with an energy consultancy offering energy services is to find the best business energy supplier and ensure that the business is on the right energy tariff for their needs and not just the cheapest one available; business energy deals change daily so the consultancy needs to know which are the best deals on offer.

It’s also important during the process of finding a new supplier that the consultancy understands what the business’s energy needs are and checks their previous utility bills to ensure they have been billed correctly for their energy usage.

It should also be highlighted that an energy consultancy will also appreciate the need for a business to improve their environmental credentials by switching to the supply of energy from a ‘green’ supplier.

In addition, they should also be able to advise on how to boost their water efficiency to save money as well.

A dedicated account manager from the energy consultants

They should also be a friendly team and in most cases a dedicated account manager from the energy consultants should be provided who will offer regular and sound advice on how to reduce the firm’s water and energy usage as well as delivering the lowest bills.

This also means that the business can also engage with their staff in a bid to reduce their energy consumption and water usage with the energy consultancy offering sound advice and tips.

Essentially, the energy consultant will also provide a plan that will better manage a firm’s energy needs and plan ahead to ensure that when it is time to renew an energy contract that the best deal on offer at that time is provided to the business.

For more help and advice about what an energy consultancy can do for you and your business, then contact the experts at D-Energi and put them to the test.