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3 Sep

Understanding Half Hourly Electricity Prices to Save

by Simon Thompson

The main reason why a firm should understand half-hourly electricity prices is to save a substantial amount on their overheads.

Essentially, half hourly electricity metering, or as it is sometimes known as ‘HH meters’, is used by large power users so their usage can be monitored more effectively.

As the name of the meter suggests, the amount of electricity being used is read by the supplier electronically every 30 minutes and the data is recorded.

Not only does this mean that your firm will be paying the correct amount for its electricity use but it also means there’s no need for estimated bills any longer.

Half hourly electricity meters

These half hourly electricity meters are now required for businesses that are big users of electricity and tend to include warehouses, factories, breweries, large offices, and supermarkets.

Essentially, the aim is to help a firm access cheaper prices because these prices are quite different from the electricity prices we pay for our homes.

The prices paid by large consumers of electricity are defined in their contract but also the prices are affected by their location, the industry they work in as well as the time of year they look to switch providers.

This means there is a need for experts who understand how half hourly electricity prices are compiled and how to find the cheapest rates.

What half hourly electricity suppliers offer

This will mean speaking with the team of experts at D-Energi who can discuss what half hourly electricity suppliers will offer.

All firms that use HH meters will have access to the data – if it is not from their supplier they can get a software to analyse how and when they are using their energy.

This data can also be used by a potential supplier to offer a competitive contract with accurate prices.

Also, the data may highlight when a firm could switch to off-peak times to enjoy even cheaper prices or show how an energy efficiency programme may help reduce their bills.

For larger businesses, this switch to off-peak periods may lead to a substantial reduction in their bills and boost productivity at the same time.

For more help and information about understanding half hourly electricity prices and HH meters then it’s time to speak with the experts at D-Energi.