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2 Feb

UK Develops Geothermal Energy Plans

by denergi admin


This week the UK Energy Minister Charles Hendry visited Iceland to sign a new energy agreement. The new agreement will allow the UK to import geothermal energy produced by Icelandic volcanoes as well as exchange information on the gas and oil industries. This is a huge step forward for renewable energy in the UK and could make a significant difference to the security of our energy supplies and help to minimise our reliance on fossil fuels.

After the visit the minister had the following to say:

“Today’s agreement will help pave the way for a closer relationship with Iceland, which I hope can yield significant benefits for the UK, including the development of geothermal power, greater use of interconnectors to transport energy under the sea, and developing oil and gas resources.

“This sort of approach can both enhance our energy security and deliver low carbon electricity in an affordable way.”

This is clearly an encouraging move and will hopefully open up the posibility of other countries sharing renewable sources of energy.