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8 May

Turn On to Cheap Business Gas

by Simon Thompson

While the gas bill for many firms will be relatively low when compared to that for electricity, it’s still worthwhile turning on to a cheap business gas deal.

Not only will you reduce overheads to boost profitability, but there’s also an opportunity to enjoy better levels of customer service and find a supplier that reflects the ethos of your business.

Growing numbers of firms are switching to green energy providers to reflect their company’s ethos and you could consider this possibility when you switch business gas suppliers.

It helps that the switchover process is seamless and finding a new supplier takes very little effort, particularly when you use the expert team at D-Energi.

Finding a cheap business energy deal

However, finding a cheap business energy deal can be a tricky process and also a time-consuming one if you decide to do this yourself.

The obvious route is to use an online comparison site which will compare the offers between business gas providers to find a deal that suits you.

You will need to compare the gas prices per kilowatt hour (kWh) between the suppliers and also their standing charge.

One of the downsides for what appears to be a quick process is that the comparison site is probably not comparing the entire marketplace to find the very best deal that will meet your needs.

Plus you will still need to negotiate directly with a recommended supplier because you must sign up to a bespoke deal.

Source a cheap business electricity offering

And while we can’t sign up for a dual fuel deal for a business, you can source a cheap business electricity offering from the same provider as that for your gas.

The process to find a new electricity deal is the same as that for gas and you could use a comparison site or contact electricity providers directly to find out what they will offer.

This means trying to compare deals on a like-for-like basis which can be confusing and you’ll need to appreciate the difference between the unit price and the standing charge, which is the amount levied for delivering electricity and gas to your premises, so you can negotiate a cheaper deal.

The easiest and quickest way to turn on to cheap business gas and electricity deals is to spend a few minutes speaking with the friendly team at D-Energi to find out what they can offer by searching the entire market and then taking care of the switching process.