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7 Jul

Top Business Energy Comparison Tips

by Sarah Wilkinson

If you run a business, be it any size from SME to multinational, then it’s important for your bottom line that you’re not overspending in any way shape or form. When it comes to your energy provider it is possible to switch your tariff or provider to save a significant sum, but unlike with your household bills a business tariff is bespoke to the needs of your business and as such can vary wildly. Below we’ll list a few of our insider tips to ensure your business can save money via energy comparisons:

Compare Prices

When you’re looking for the best deal it helps to get a breakdown of unit rates and standing charges – this will keep you much more informed about what’s available and how much you should be paying as opposed to relying on estimated annual costs.

Hit The Phones

If you don’t ask, you don’t get! With price comparisons firmly fixed in your head you have a ballpark figure for what the ‘going rate’ for business energy is but that doesn’t mean you can’t haggle. Get in touch with brokers to push them down on price but don’t be scared to then take this figure you’ve reached directly to the energy provider either to cut out the middle man.

Fixed Tariff

Fixed tariffs are becoming the norm when it comes to business energy and it’s not uncommon for businesses to get a two or even three year fixed tariff. This varies depending on the supplier, and the longer fixed terms will tend to be more expensive as they’re constructed with a view to protecting them against any price rises in the future.

No Cooling Off

When it comes to business energy tariff’s there’s no cooling off period which makes it doubly important that you are 100 percent satisfied with the deal you’ve haggled. On top of this you will be locked into the contract once it is signed off meaning no switching if a better deal turns up six months in.

Be Aware Of Automatic Renewals

Some energy tariffs will automatically renew on a rolling contract or after a particular period, locking you into another tariff. The onus is on you to arrange a new deal prior to your current one expiring during a one-to-six-month renewal period or else you’ll be locked into the same contract you have been on.

Let D-ENERGi Do All The Hard Work

As the UK’s ‘One Stop Energy Solution Provider’, we aim to offer you the most competitive prices – this also extends to offering a price match policy to ensure that existing and prospective customers feel valued too. On top of this we provide renewal reminders so you don’t get stuck with the same supplier and you can continue to take advantage of the most competitive rates.

Check out our customer testimonials to see what we’ve done for some of the UK’s leading businesses.