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11 May

Tips to Help Choose New Business Energy Suppliers

by Simon Thompson

If you are looking for tips on how to choose new business energy suppliers then this article will help.

We all want to run a reliable and efficient business operation which means that we need a good energy supplier to enable us to be successful.

Just about every firm and organisation in the UK requires electricity for their everyday needs and sourcing a new, cheaper and better supplier is straightforward.

Indeed, the first step is to consider what your firm’s energy needs are so you understand what a potential new tariff will deliver.

Potential new business electricity suppliers

So, if we look at potential new business electricity suppliers, you’ll appreciate that this is a competitive marketplace with deals and offers to change on a regular basis.

Essentially, you should consider what your firm needs from a supplier and take these issues into account:

  • Your business type: Whether you are a restaurant, manufacturer or an IT firm, the amount of electricity you require will be different from a firm in a different sector. This will have an impact on prices.
  • How do you use energy: You may simply need to power an office with computers and lights but you may be a manufacturer running large machinery.
  • When do you use electricity: Most firms will be looking for energy between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday, which will be the peak periods of use. Cheaper tariffs will be available outside of these hours if you can switch your peak periods.


Sourcing new business gas suppliers

The advice to find a potential new business electricity supplier also extends to sourcing new business gas suppliers.

While we use less gas, and not every firm needs a gas supply, there are still good deals available for those who are looking to switch.

As with electricity, when and how you use gas will play a part in the deals and offers available.

Also, all firms and organisations should look to see whether there are cheaper deals available when their current supplier sends details of their next year’s contract prices.


If you would like more tips and advice about how to choose new business energy suppliers, then it’s time to speak with the experts at D-Energi who can explain more about the deals on offer and help you switch to a cheaper supplier.