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3 May

Tips On Finding New Business Energy Suppliers

by Simon Thompson

With the government actively encouraging businesses to find new business energy suppliers means more and more organisations are looking to save on their costs.

For those who want to do so, there are some essential tips that may prove helpful.

The first tip is to understand that they cannot leave a supplier mid-contract and will have to wait until their supplier contacts them before the contract ends to reveal what their new energy rates are going to be.

This is the moment then to begin a search for a new energy supplier and find cheaper energy.

While the business could shop around and make several phone calls, they can also utilise a comparison website which will conduct a quick search of business energy suppliers to find their prices.

Understand that the market for business gas suppliers

It’s also important to understand that the market for business gas suppliers, and also electricity, doesn’t quite work in the same way as it does for domestic supply.

For one thing, electricity and gas are treated as separate fuels so the business will need separate contracts. They cannot get a dual fuel supply.

This also means, obviously, they have to do twice as much work because they will have to contact suppliers separately for their gas and electricity needs.

This also makes it a bit more difficult when comparing energy rates and prices.

The contract a business will sign, though they may be careful to give a verbal agreement over the telephone, will also be stricter than for a domestic energy supply.

Check out the latest business electricity suppliers’ offerings

So, having trialled a few comparison websites to check out the latest business electricity suppliers’ offerings, for example, the business will have a good idea of what the market rates are for their supply and they will need to speak with the energy suppliers separately to get a bespoke deal.

The business organisation shouldn’t be too surprised if the price they are quoted is more because the supplier must tailor their offering to the business’s needs.

For small firms particularly, this can appear to be a time-consuming process and it’s a good idea to contact energy brokers who understand how the market works and can find good quality energy suppliers offering much cheaper rates.

This can be done during one phone call and the firm concerned will only need a few details, including the businesses meter numbers, to find a new supplier.


When it comes to wanting tips to find new business energy suppliers, contact the helpful team at D-Energi who will be happy to help and explain more about how they can save a business money on their energy costs.