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12 Apr

Tips for Reading Your Business Electricity Meter

by Simon Thompson

It’s essential to receive accurate bills that your energy supplier receives accurate data and here we offer tips for reading your business electricity meter.

However, larger firms may have a half hourly meter installed so the data is sent directly to the provider every 30 minutes, so there won’t be someone to read the meter on the supplier’s behalf.

There will still be a need to monitor electricity usage as part of good business practice to ensure your bills are accurate.

For smaller firms, taking meter readings will ensure that you are aware of your energy use and if you’re in a remote area, you may have to submit your own firm’s meter readings anyway.

Potential new business electricity supplier

Another reason for compiling meter readings is that the information is useful for a potential new business electricity supplier, so they understand how much electricity you are using and when you are using it.

For those firms with a digital electricity meter, then you should read the numbers from left to right and ignore the last red digit.

For firms with more than one meter, for example, they may have day and night rates and have separate meters for this, then you’ll need to keep these meter readings separate.

For businesses that have a meter with electricity dials, then again you read from left to right and ignore the last red dial.

Business electricity rates

Since business electricity rates are a large part of overheads and nearly every firm or organisation will use electricity for their day-to-day needs, it’s important that you don’t pay more than is necessary.

This means that when your current provider tells you what your next year’s contract rates will be, then you really should research the market to see if there are cheaper providers available.

By doing so, you will ensure that you do not pay more than you need to for electricity and it’s also possible to find a supplier offering an energy consultancy to help you reduce the levels of electricity you use and enjoy greater savings as a result.

This consultancy will be a great boost for a firm’s ‘green’ credentials.

For more information about reading your business electricity meter and the potential of an energy consultancy, then it is time to speak with the experts at D-Energi who can help find a cheaper supplier to help you reduce costs.