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15 Dec

The Steps to Switch Business Gas Supplier Explained

by Simon Thompson

If you and your business are looking for the steps to switch business gas supplier, then you need to know the process is as easy as 1-2-3.

By switching supplier, you could save substantial amounts of money on your bills which will help boost profitability and the process itself is simple and helpful team at D-Energi can help with advice and provide the best gas energy quotes.

Step 1: Switching business gas supplier

If you’ve received a business gas supply renewal letter and you want to compare various tariffs from different suppliers then it’s time to get in touch.

While this can be a confusing process trying to compare gas tariffs, it also explains why businesses will remain with the same supplier for years on end despite the fact they may have been rolled over onto an automatic contract and be paying more than they need to for their gas.

Also, it’s harder to switch supplier mid-contract so it’s always best knowing when your contract renewal date is and working around that.

Step 2: Knowing the information you need for switching suppliers

Because a potential business gas supplier will need to offer a bespoke deal, there are some information details that you will need to hand to access these tariffs.

The most important one is the gas meter number, it’s known as the MPRN, which is on a recent bill but also on the national database. This number will give the exact location of the meter for a potential supplier.

You will also need to know your renewal rates from your current supplier and consumption details.

Step 3: Compare business gas rates and switch

With these details you can then visit comparison websites to carry out a check of what the current business gas rates are in the market, contact suppliers directly and negotiate with your current supplier once you know what these market rates are.

However, this part of the process might be time-consuming for those business owners who are tied-up with their everyday business needs so it’s always worthwhile speaking with experts who understand how the business gas supply market works.

That means speaking with the D-Energi team who have access to the latest deals and offers from the entire market to deliver the deal that best meets your needs.

The switchover process itself is seamless and there will be no loss of gas supply to the business when this is in progress.


If you would like to learn more about the steps to switch business gas supplier, then contact the friendly D-Energi team to find out how the process works and how much money you could potentially save.