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11 Mar

The BEST Way to Save On Business Electricity

by Simon Thompson

While there are several tried and tested methods to save on energy costs, the best way to save on business electricity costs is to use the team at D-Energi.

There’s one very simple reason for this and that’s because they can scour the whole market of business energy providers on your behalf to find the very best deal and any other potential incentives a supplier will offer.

It’s important that all firms and organisations search among the many suppliers every year to find a cheaper provider – and that supplier may be offering things like an energy consultancy or a dedicated account manager.

However, this is not as straightforward as many business owners may believe but the D-Energi offering is the quickest and reassuring way of achieving this beneficial outcome.

Compare business electricity per kWh deals

The most important aspect when looking to reduce costs is to compare business electricity per kWh deals between suppliers.

This is important because you are looking to reduce the unit cost per electricity, which is what you pay for each kilowatt-hour, that your firm consumes.

But that’s not the entire story since you must ensure that you pay a lower standard charge, which is the amount paid for electricity to be delivered electricity to the premises.

Put simply, some potential providers may have a much higher standing charge without highlighting this to you, so you end up paying more than you currently do and you’ll be locked into a one-year-long contract that is costing more. However, this will not apply if you are a microbusiness and may be able to leave the contract without penalty.

Best route to compare business energy per kWh deals

So, the best route to compare business energy per kWh deals is to use a platform that will do the hard work for you. You can do this either by:

  • Using one of the popular business energy comparison sites but be aware that they may only be searching a certain number of providers and you may find cheaper and better deals on offer elsewhere.
  • Use the D-Energi offering: By using D-Energi you will be quickly and effectively searching the entire offering among providers interested in supplying your business and you will also get help in understanding the contract and the switchover process too.


There’s a lot to like about the D-Energi offering and if this is something you would like to know more about, then call the friendly team today.