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23 Dec

The BEST Way to Find the Cheapest Business Electricity Supplier

by Simon Thompson

For those who want to know the best way to source the cheapest business electricity supplier, then this article is for you.

The main aim of switching a business electricity provider is to access a better and cheaper deal so your firm boosts profitability.

And since the cost of energy is one of the largest overheads for business, it makes sense to understand what your options are when searching for the latest and best electricity deals for business.

While we will come to the best way of finding the cheapest provider, we should look at why all firms should switch suppliers on a regular basis.

The cheapest business electricity prices

The search for the cheapest business electricity prices should be carried out by every firm and organisation every year.

There are two very good reasons for doing so, and they are:

  • You will help promote competition in the market for all firms when you search
  • By searching and then moving to a new provider you will be ensuring your firm never pays more than is necessary for its electricity supply.

If you and your business have not searched for a new provider in recent years, then according to one government survey you will not be alone in this.

That’s because 40% of companies have not bothered switching so they are facing the prospect of paying more than is necessary for their electricity costs.

Finding the cheapest business electricity rates UK 

When you need to find the cheapest business electricity rates UK there are basically three ways of finding out what they are. You will need to either:

  • Contact individual providers directly to negotiate a bespoke deal for meeting your needs but this can be confusing
  • You could use an online business electricity comparison website but this is probably not searching the market
  • Or you could contact the experts at D-Energi who can search the whole market for you and then negotiate a deal to save you money.

Also, by using D-Energi you could ask for them to investigate potential other incentives that may attract you as a customer, for example, having an energy consultancy that will see your firm reducing its consumption levels and boosting any potential savings with a new provider.

For firms wanting to find their cheapest business electricity supplier, you should contact the team at D-Energi to find out more.