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12 Jul

Switching Business Gas Suppliers is Easy

by Simon Thompson

While growing numbers of firms and organisations are appreciating that by switching utility providers will help lead to lower bills, not many firms appreciate how easy it is to switch business gas suppliers.

This can be done with just one phone call to an organisation that can offer the latest and best gas supply deals and then deal with the switchover process as well. The process itself is seamless and gas supply will be uninterrupted.

However, any business interested in cheaper gas bills will need to wait until their current contract is due for renewal before they contemplate searching for a new utility provider.

There’s no doubt that for many firms looking to reduce their gas bills, the easiest way is to switch to another gas provider who is offering a better deal.

Business electricity suppliers

Indeed, this exercise should be carried out with business electricity suppliers as well as gas providers since the same firm handling a switch of gas suppliers can do the same for electricity provision as well.

While firms cannot access dual fuel deals, they should be able to access cheaper offers and tariffs from both gas and electricity providers for their business.

Firms looking to switch business energy suppliers

And while every business and organisation are different, industry experts believe that those firms looking to switch business energy suppliers could save up to 40% from their current bills.

Obviously, for those larger users of energy, the potential savings could be significant and even small firms should be to save several hundred pounds every year.

These savings should not be ignored since they will help the firm lower their overheads and boost profitability.

For those business owners who are simply too busy running their firm, then it’s time to speak with experts who do understand how the market works and can find cheaper energy deals and this can be done with just one phone call.

All the business owner has to do is hand over a few details – it would help to have their latest energy bill to hand – and after a few minutes a new deal will be sourced and discussed; the process after that is quick and the switchover process can begin.


For more help and information about this, contact the friendly team at D-Energi about switching business gas suppliers, as well as electricity providers, to enjoy cheaper utility bills.