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4 Aug

Switching Business Energy Suppliers to Save Money

by Simon Thompson

One of the easiest ways to lower overheads is to switch business energy suppliers to save money and boost profitability.

That’s a common ambition for many firms and organisations in the UK and while it is an ambition, not every firm will undertake the process.

Which is a shame since the market is more competitive than ever before and the vast majority of firms will enjoy cheaper prices with a new supplier; the switchover process is also seamless.

Indeed, it helps that the government is keen that a more competition is created in the supply for business energy which will help lower prices over the long-term. Unfortunately, around 40% of firms have never switched business energy suppliers previously.

Find cheap business gas suppliers

This means there are opportunities to find cheap business gas suppliers so the firm can enjoy low prices, improve customer service and other potential benefits such as having an energy audit carried out.

While firms cannot enjoy a dual fuel deal, as most of us can in our homes, firms can source their energy supplies from different suppliers or from the same firm.

This means they will still need a bespoke deal for each utility offering.

Firms will also need to spend the time to compare business energy quotes to find a better deal and while this may appear to be a time-consuming process, it should be a rewarding one.

The firm can do this quite easily by visiting online comparison websites geared to delivering the latest business energy deals.

However, a potential downside is that the entire market is probably not being searched so the results from these websites will be skewed because not every energy firm is quoting and the quote itself will be a rough indicator of a potential deal.

Firms looking for cheap business electricity suppliers

This last point is important for firms looking for cheap business electricity suppliers, as well as gas, as they will find that they will still need to speak with the energy supplier for a bespoke deal.

That’s because the energy offering must be tailored to the firm’s needs and it’s important they are placed on the correct tariff.

Essentially, they will still need to speak with a potential business energy supply directly but they could do this and more by speaking with those who understand how the market works and have access to the latest deals – and that’s the team at D-Energi.


For more help and advice about switching business energy suppliers to lower overheads and to find the best possible deals, speak with the helpful team at D-Energi.