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12 Feb

Switching Business Energy Suppliers to Save Cash

by Simon Thompson

Switching business energy suppliers in a bid to save cash is a straightforward and easy task that every firm should undertake on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, not all of them do which means they may be paying more than they need to for their energy needs and no firm or organisation will want to do that when they can control their overheads effectively.

Just to highlight the problem, a government survey has revealed that around 40% of all firms have never switched their business energy supplier so they are probably paying far more than they need to for their energy supply.

The issue here is that their current supplier may have rolled them automatically onto a new contract, it’s known as a ‘deemed’ contract, which may mean they are paying higher rates for their energy than a new customer would be doing.

Business electricity suppliers

The solution for this is to act when your energy supplier gets in touch when a contract is due for renewal to tell you what your new charges are going to be and this is the case for both business electricity suppliers and gas suppliers.

In both instances, firms can use an online comparison website to find a cheaper business gas and electricity supplier by filling in a few details and seeing what the market has to offer.

The upside for using one of these websites is that it will reveal what the current market rate for your business as though you will still need to speak with a potential supplier directly so they can offer a bespoke deal.

One of the downsides is that the online comparison site may not be searching the entire marketplace so it’s possible that there might be a better and cheaper business energy supplier available who may have an offer that best meets your needs.

It’s also important to appreciate that the switchover process between suppliers is a seamless one and there’s no loss of supply to your premises when this is undertaken.

Business gas suppliers

Another issue for firms looking to switch business energy suppliers is that while there are business gas suppliers and electricity providers available it’s not possible to get a ‘dual fuel’ deal as we can do for our homes.

It is possible however to have gas and electricity provided by the same provider and the reason why they can’t offer a dual fuel deal is that they need to offer a bespoke offer that meets your firm’s own needs.

This means negotiating with a potential supplier to see what they can offer and some may offer other extras, particularly smaller and new suppliers to the business energy supply market.

These may include a business energy consultancy that will help your firm use less energy and so enjoy even lower bills as a result. This will boost profitability and help our environment.


Essentially, the quickest and most effective way to learn more about switching business energy suppliers to save cash is to speak with the D-Energi team who have access to all of the latest deals and offers.