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10 Oct

How to switch energy supplier for a business

by Simon Thompson

If your business would like to switch energy supplier to save on costs, then this article is for you.

That’s because the process to switch energy supplier is straightforward but many firms may believe that sourcing a new supply for their premises is going to be a time-consuming process.

To a point, that is true but there are experts in the field who will be able to do the heavy work to ensure that the business gets the very best possible deal available and saves money by doing so.

This is where the energy switching experts at D-Energi come in because they have the experience and expertise to find the best deals possible from a wide range of potential business energy suppliers.

This is also an effective way to reduce overheads for the business and also save time and money in the time it takes to find a new energy supplier.

The process to energy switch is straightforward


Indeed, the process to energy switch is straightforward and it will help if the business has their latest bills to hand so the vital information can be given to a potential new supplier and they can also work out how much energy the business is using and tailor a competitive quote to suit.

It should also be appreciated that business energy suppliers are not just interested in the larger organisations but also in micro-businesses and the process to switch is simpler today than it has been previously.

That is because Ofgem, the energy markets regulator, brought in rules that gave businesses the freedom they need to change their business electricity or gas contract more easily.

The best way to switch business energy supplier is to begin the process while there is more than 30 days remaining on the organisation’s current energy contract.

One reason for this is that Ofgem now demands that energy suppliers contact their micro-business customers around 60 days before their current contract ends to tell them how much energy they use every year.

Prices being offered by their business energy supplier rivals


More importantly, the organisation’s current energy supplier must tell their customer how their energy deal compares with the prices being offered by their business energy supplier rivals and how much the current supplier is going to charge under a new contract.

This is probably an important impetus for a business to pick up the telephone and begin the process to finding a cheaper business energy supplier with an organisation that can do this smoothly and quickly.

It’s also important to remember that when an organisation decides to switch energy suppliers there is no interruption in the energy supply and the helpful team at D-Energi will be able to give more help and advice on the process.