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1 Apr

Sourcing A Cheap Business Gas Supplier

by Simon Thompson

When it comes to sourcing a cheap business gas supplier, then a busy business owner may believe it’s too much time and trouble to switch providers.

But that could be an expensive mistake to make, particularly since supplying gas for some firms can be an expensive process so it is important to understand how to switch suppliers to save.

Essentially, firms and organisations will be looking for a reliable business gas supplier and preferably one with the lowest rates.

However, the cost of gas supply is only one issue to consider in the search for a cheaper gas business gas provider.

Compare business energy per kWh costs

For any firm looking to switch their energy provider, it’s important to understand how they can compare business energy per kWh (kilowatt hour) costs to find a deal that is suitable for them.

This is an important part in the process of making an informed decision when selecting a new business gas provider.

So, while most firms will understand that the price of energy supply is important it is the unit cost, which is measured in kilowatt hours, which is the amount paid for the energy they actually use.

These costs tend to be a fixed rate so your bills will vary according to how much energy you consume.

In addition, there is a standing charge which helps pay for delivering energy via the National Grid to your business premises. The important consideration here is that these charges will vary between suppliers, so you’ll need to be aware of them.

Cheap business gas and electric prices

Also, another consideration when looking at cheap business gas and electric prices is the difference between fixed and variable rates.

A fixed rate for your energy means that you agree a price regardless of whether there are increases in the marketplace so your bills will be unaffected.

Most firms opt for a fixed rate energy tariff as this will offer protection against these energy price fluctuations.

There’s also the potential of variable rate tariffs so the cost per kilowatt hour will vary throughout the length of the contract and while prices may increase, you may benefit should wholesale prices for energy fall.

It’s also worth mentioning that out of contract tariffs, also known as deemed rates, tend to be dearer and will be levied if your supplier has rolled you automatically onto a new contract.

For any busy business owner looking to switch to a cheap business gas supplier, then there are considerations and a big market to examine and the friendly team of experts at D-Energi can help you.