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5 Aug

Source Cheaper Business Gas Deals

by Simon Thompson

For most firms and organisations, gas is an important part of their daily operations and it’s always a good idea to source cheaper business gas deals when your current contract comes to an end.

Indeed, when your supplier tells you what your next year’s gas rates will be, then this is the prompt to see what other business gas suppliers may offer.

It’s also worth appreciating that should you not search the marketplace, for example, you may be too busy, then you run the risk that your current supplier will move you across to a ‘deemed’ rate contract, which tend to have higher prices.

And unless you are a very small business, you will be locked into these higher prices for another year unless you decide to buy your way out of the contract.

For those business owners who may not have the time to search the market, then you could utilise the expertise of the D-Energi team to do this on your behalf.

Find a new business gas supplier

Not only will the exercise to find a new business gas supplier take just a few minutes, but you will be reassured that this search will scour the entire market for a potential new provider.

The alternative to using D-Energi is to use one of the many business gas supply comparison websites that are available to find a better and cheaper deal.

While this is a quick way to find the market rate for your gas supply, the website itself may not be searching the entire market so it is likely there are better and cheaper deals available that will not be brought to your attention.

Also, you may decide to contact potential suppliers directly and this may mean focusing attention on the ‘Big Six’ since these are household names but this is a time-consuming and confusing process.

One of the issues is that the supplier must offer a bespoke deal and you need to compare the offerings between providers to ensure that their deal is the best one for you and your business.

Understanding business gas rates

Should you opt to use a comparison site or contact suppliers directly, it will also mean understanding how business gas rates are put together.

There is a range of factors affecting these rates, including your firm’s geographic location, how many premises you may have and also how many people you employ.

A potential supplier will also need to know whether you have plans for expansion or even to move premises.

If you would like to know how to source cheaper business gas deals to boost your firm’s profitability, then you need to contact the D-Energi team today.