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2 Feb

Sucessful completion of 3 Solar Photovoltaic systems for Equilibrium Healthcare

by denergi admin

Solar Photovoltaic Systems by D-ENERGi

D-ENERGi are delighted to  announce the successful completion of 3  Solar  Photovoltaic system (Solar PV) installations for Equilibrium Healthcare. The  three sites include Moston Grange Nursing Home, Bigfoot hospital, and Oaklands  House. This has provided the organisation to generate its own carbon free electricity  and an additional income, fixed for the next 25 years via the government feed  in tariff.

Feed in Tariff also known as (FIT)  within the industry. FIT payments are made by the Goverment’s treasurery, to  encourage business and individuals to drive down energy dependency from fossil  fuels to more renewable sources such as solar power. D-ENERGi have completed  the commissioning  and testing of the  system and provided the necessary Micro-generation certificate within 30 days  of completion, which is mandatory requirement to qualify for FIT payments.

Across all 3 sites It is estimated that installation will  generate 33,519 Kw/h per annum off  96 No  Dimplex  230W panels. All sites have been  fitted with OFGEM approved generation meters.

Return of investment is substantial, with a forecasted annual  FIT payments totalling to a whopping £440,655.74 over the next 25 years with  the system costing just over 90k.

To find out if your business premises  is suitable for Solar PV please contact Zico Ahmed on 0800 781 7626.