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4 Jul

Should You Compare Business Electricity and Gas Providers?

by Simon Thompson

When it comes to lowering overheads, all firms and organisation should take steps to compare business electricity and gas providers.

But when are the optimum times for undertaking this exercise?

The best incentive for doing so is when your current electricity or gas supplier contacts you with details of your next year’s contract rates.

You can then use this information to shop around for a potential new supplier though it’s always worthwhile not restricting your search to the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers since their offerings may be similar and you may believe that it’s simply not worthwhile switching.

Compare business energy providers

That would be a mistake because you should make the effort to compare business energy providers of varying sizes and look at their offers.

Essentially, switching to a new energy provider isn’t simply about reducing the tariff or unit rates but for the potential of enjoying other services such as a consultancy.

This will make sound business sense because a consultant will look at how and when your firm is using its energy and then make recommendations about how you can use less.

Not only will you enjoy longer-term savings by reducing your energy, your firm will also be doing its bit for the environment. That’s a big incentive for many firms.

Shop around and compare business gas providers

While most firms and organisations will be needing electricity to carry out their activities every day, there’s also a need to shop around and compare business gas providers and you can compare these easily as well.

While you could contact gas providers directly, this can be a time-consuming undertaking particularly if you have more than one premises because you’ll need to give details of each of these so a bespoke offer can be made.

Alternatively, you could use a comparison website which makes this process easier but the site itself may not be searching the entire marketplace and you will still need to speak with a potential new provider and give them your details.

The reason for this is that a supplier must offer a bespoke deal – it’s the reason why comparing rates is so difficult on a like-for-like basis.

If you would like to compare business electricity and gas providers to find out which suppliers have the best terms that meet your needs, then it’s time to speak with the experts at D-Energi who can help.