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24 May

Business Electricity: 5 Top Saving Tips

by Sarah Wilkinson

Businesses throughout the UK are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to find ways to lower their expenditure and make cuts. Key to this could be finding ways to improve energy efficiency in the workplace by saving on business energy. Here are D-ENERGi’s five tips to achieve this:

Think About Your Business Electricity Practices

You’ll be surprised but making sure that lights, computers, monitors and any other electric equipment in the office is turned off and not on standby at the end of the work day can save you a big chunk of change. Even something as simple as turning the radiators in your building down a single notch or ensuring the air conditioning isn’t blowing fully can see big savings across the board.

Review Your Energy Tariff

Few businesses have the time or energy to put into looking for an alternative energy supply when their contract is due for renewal. As the premier business to business gas and electricity supplier, D-ENERGi are available to consolidate your energy supply into one single, hassle free payment which can result in huge savings.

Inform Your Staff

It’s imperative that your staff are made aware of the importance of being energy efficient. Engaging with your staff – whether via a talk or signs and posters around the premises – can ensure they understand why turning off lights and appliances can help the business become greener.

Energy Champion

If your business has tried to put some of these measures in place but staff are still forgetting to switch off, asking for a volunteer Energy Champion could be a great idea. The onus will be on them to ensure that everything is off at the end of the day and can also be responsible for you meeting energy saving targets.

Maintain Your Premises

Ensuring your business premises is in great condition can mean big savings for your business. This means that draughty windows are replaced with double glazing, doors are fitted to keep the cold out and heat in, and leaky taps and pipes are secured. Making these subtle changes can result in big savings on your energy bills.

Just making these simple changes across your business premises can result in big savings. D-ENERGi are always available to provide advice and assistance on all areas of energy saving, so get in touch with our team today to find out more.