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21 Nov

Save Even More with An Energy Consultancy


It’s one thing accessing cheaper business energy deals, but you could save even more with an energy consultancy and here we explain how.

There’s no doubt that by switching energy suppliers on a regular basis will mean that you will probably never be charged more than is necessary for your energy needs.

However, some suppliers will offer the opportunity of an energy consultancy to help you and your business not only save even more on the deal being offered, but also help our environment by using less energy.

This process will see an energy consultant analysing how and where you are using your energy and where savings can be made.

Energy services being offered

Of the energy services being offered, a consultancy may lead to the introduction of newer, energy-saving equipment and tips on how to reduce energy usage, such as turning off lights and switching to automatic lights that work when someone enters a room.

However, there is more to the consultancy process since they will probably also look at your recent energy bills to ensure that you have not been placed on the wrong tariff and paid more as a result. This could lead to a refund from your previous energy supplier.

There’s a lot to recommend reducing energy usage, particularly since energy prices appear to be continually increasing, so it’s an effective way to mitigate against these rises.

The energy consultancy is not simply a question of having more insulation fitted but also looking at other sources such as accessing a green energy supplier – that’s a firm using wind and solar power for their energy generation.

Energy service company

The energy service company will have this knowledge of sourcing green energy suppliers and to reduce energy bills – and this service is often offered for free.

They may also have knowledge of the various grants and financial help available from the government and other sources to help you implement energy-saving measures and to reduce your energy use.

Energy consultants are particularly effective in the commercial energy supply market and have the knowledge to understand the various tariffs available to ensure that the bespoke deal being offered by a provider is one suitable for meeting your energy needs at the best price.

If you would like to save money with an energy consultancy for your business, then it is time to contact the experts at D-Energi who will explain more.