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23 Mar

Reduce Overheads When You Compare Business Electricity Prices per Kwh

by Simon Thompson

It does sound like a tempting headline but you can reduce overheads when you compare business electricity prices per kWh.

Since your firm’s energy bill consists of various factors, it’s important when you start to look at a new provider that you appreciate how these costs affect the bill.

The first issue is the price your firm will pay for each unit of electricity used which is measured in kWh.

Also, you will need to understand the standing charge which is the daily amount that covers the maintenance and cost of delivering electricity to your premises.

Understanding business electricity prices per kWh

Understanding business electricity prices per kWh are the first step to saving money on your bills.

So, if you think your electricity contract is too expensive then you need to check the type of tariff your firm is on by looking at a recent electricity bill.

If you’ve never switched suppliers previously, then you may be at a rate which is more expensive than your supplier’s tariff for a new customer will be.

However, for many of us our business energy bills will appear to be confusing but the D-Energi team will help decipher what your bill tells you and find a cheaper electricity supplier.

Understand business gas prices per kWh

This offer also extends to finding a cheaper gas supplier and again you’ll need to understand business gas prices per kWh to enjoy the best deals and tariffs available.

Again, the gas bill will offer most of the relevant information you will need to switch to a new supplier and while this may appear to be confusing, it isn’t really and gas prices are cheaper per kWh but the advice given earlier about comparing this price and the standing charge to find the best new offering still holds.

The business gas and electricity supply market is a competitive one and prices and tariffs will change on a regular basis. That’s because they are responding to a variety of issues including demand for gas and electricity, political events, and supply issues.


If you want to reduce overheads when you compare business electricity prices per kWh for your firm or organisation, then it will save you time and confusion if you speak with the experts at D-Energi who will be to explain how the market works, what the prices mean and find you a potentially cheaper supplier to save money on your overheads.