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4 Jan

Reduce Costs with An Energy Consultancy

by Simon Thompson

Along with switching energy providers, a business or organisation can also reduce their costs with an energy consultancy which sees an expert helping them deliver long-term savings.

Depending on the energy provider or broker you use, this consultancy will not only look at the gas and electricity being consumed by your business but also look at how you can reduce water usage as well.

But it’s not just about saving money on overheads, though this is a great reason for using a consultancy, since having an expert look at your energy and water usage levels will also boost your environmental credentials.

A consultant will help you understand more about the carbon footprint of the firm and reduce it by offsetting energy consumption levels.

Check the bills for your energy services

The consultancy will also check the bills for your energy services and ensure that the invoices are correct. They will validate these bills and then hold the supplier accountable for any mistakes or overcharging.

This offering also extends to reviewing your firm’s water consumption and to help eliminate waste and reduce consumption levels that will lower costs as part of their water audit.

It’s also important that your firm’s business water and energy efficiencies are benchmarked against similar businesses.

By doing so, the consultant will be able to tell you what kind of consumption reduction can be realistically achieved to deliver long-term savings.

Signing up with a new energy service company

As mentioned earlier, one of the big attractions for a consultancy service is that they are often offered as a benefit when signing up with a new energy service company as part of a package.

Not only will you and your business enjoy lower bills by switching but the energy consultant will boost the savings even further when checking how and when you use your energy and then making recommendations for using less. It’s essentially a win-win offer for a business to reduce their overheads.

It’s also important to appreciate that the consultancy will actively involve employees to reduce their energy and water needs, so everyone buys into the idea of helping the environment.

It may help to take note that the Carbon Trust has estimated that having staff involved could reduce a firm’s energy and water consumption levels every year by 20%.

If you would like more information about how to reduce costs with an energy consultancy, then the team of experts at D-Energi will be able to help.