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27 Feb

Reading A Business Electricity Meter to Save Money

by Simon Thompson

There are several reasons why reading a business electricity meter on a regular basis will save your business money and the main one is that you will receive accurate bills.

While larger firms will have a special half hourly meter installed that monitors and sends their usage data to the supplier every 30 minutes, every other firm and organisation will have a different type of electricity meter installed.

Your energy provider will have someone collect the readings from the meter and they are known as the meter reader or data collector.

There may be times when they cannot gain access to your business premises or they may not take a reading for one quarter.

These are the issues that may occur particularly if your business is located in a remote area, so you’ll need to submit your own electricity meter readings.

Check your business electricity supplier

Also, it’s a good idea to keep a record of your meter readings, even if there is a meter reader visiting regularly, so you can check that your business electricity supplier is charging you correctly.

To keep an accurate record and to submit your own meter readings to a provider, it’s crucial that you understand how to read the meter correctly.

Should you have a digital electricity meter installed, then you need to read the numbers on the meter from left to right. You need to ignore the last red number.

For those firms that have more than one tariff, such as a day rate and a night rate, then you need to keep a record of these readings.

For those firms with the traditional dial electricity meters, then you read from left to right again and also ignore the red number.

Access cheaper business electricity rates

In addition to keeping track of accurate electricity bills, you could use this information to access cheaper business electricity rates from another provider.

That’s because they will have access to your usage details so they can put together a bespoke offering.

Alternatively, you could get a team of experts to search the market on your behalf to find a cheaper electricity rate that will meet your needs and reduce overheads.

This will mean contacting the friendly team at D-Energi who can use your business electricity meter data to help you save money with a different provider and deal with the switchover process too.