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19 Feb

P272 Legislation for Your Business Explained

by Simon Thompson

If you have been looking at switching energy suppliers for your business then there may possibly have been a discussion about P272 legislation and here we will explain more about what it is.

Essentially, P272 is regulation for energy suppliers to use detailed energy information about their customers’ consumption. They need to know this on a half hourly basis and use meters that sends the data automatically every 30 mins – hence the name half hourly or HH meters for this purpose.

This means the supplier will have accurate information so there are no more estimated bills and the data will help suppliers deliver a better energy offering.

The new legislation took effect in 2017 and most large business energy customers should already be on these meters but if you are not, and you comply with the requirements by having a high demand, then this can be arranged.

The implementation of P272

The implementation of P272 means that the energy suppliers can understand more effectively how you use energy and can tailor their services and products, particularly their tariffs, to suit you.

It’s important to appreciate that the data from an HH meter should be used by suppliers to offer lower prices to encourage firms to use energy when it is less expensive.

However, there is software available to enable you and your business to analyse the data as well to see whether there are better offers from other suppliers that might meet your needs more cheaply.

A potential new supplier could also use this data and offer a bespoke deal that may save you a substantial amount of money every year.

Major benefit from P272 rules

Another major benefit from P272 rules means that these half hourly meters will remove those unexpected and often very large bills remove the need for estimated bills.

There’s also the potential of firms using the data from their energy consumption and use this to highlight ways they can improve their operations to bring about energy efficiencies.

By introducing these efficiencies, you will use less energy and lower your bills even further.

It’s also possible to utilise the services of an energy consultancy to find out if your business could reduce its energy use by switching to new kit that uses less energy, using automatic lights so they are only used when someone is in the room and ensure that your staff get behind this move to lower the firm’s energy footprint.


If you would like to know more about P272 legislation and whether it has an impact on your business and whether an energy consultancy would benefit you, then it’s time to speak with the experts at D-Energi.