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26 Jun

P272 for Business Explained

by Simon Thompson

When the P272 legislation was first unveiled by the government, it was seen as being one of the biggest boosts since deregulation for the commercial electricity market.

For those who do not know, P272 is the name of a regulation that affects all electricity suppliers.

Essentially, for those firms that meet the criteria they will have been moved from non-half hourly meters to the new half hourly meters, or HH meters.

The aim of this is for electricity suppliers to deliver accurate bills for their client.

P272 will create a smarter and energy efficient economy

On top of this the government said that P272 will create a smarter and energy efficient economy.

That’s because the electricity suppliers will have a detailed analysis of when big businesses are using energy and then they could tailor their supply to meet this demand.

There’s no doubt that P272 is still a cause of confusion for some firms and the team of experts at D-Energi can explain the full potential benefits of the half hourly meters and how a firm can manage this change.

For many firms, their electricity bills will now be more detailed and unlikely to have any mistakes and there’s no need for estimated bills either.

On top of this, there’s also software available that will help them to analyse how and when they are using electricity to see whether they can switch to a more cost-effective tariff or even switch peak energy used to cheaper, off-peak periods.

Big question for many firms about P272

The big question for many firms about P272 is whether their business is affected.

While many firms will have been told about this switch to the new HH meters, others may still be confused.

To find out whether they are affected, they need to look at their supply number on their meter; this is also found on their electricity bill.

Next to the letter S will be a two digit number and if this falls in the range of 05 to 07 then they will need to comply with the new P272 legislation.

Firms who are affected by P272

As mentioned previously, all the firms who are affected by P272 should have been informed already since the deadline for meters having the ability to settle every half-hour needed to be in place by 1 April this year.


For any business still confused about P272, then it’s time to speak with the helpful team at D-Energi to find out more and whether they should be on a better and cheaper tariff with a business electricity supplier than they currently are.